DROID Sells 250,000 In First Week

We're chalking up the DROID as a success and we're sure Motorola and Verizon are too. After reportedly selling 100,000 units in the first weekend, it looks like the DROID followed it up with roughly 250,000 in its first week. According to Flurry:

Through its analytics service, Flurry monitors usage of over 10,000 developers' applications on iPhone and Android. In total, Flurry tracks applications on approximately two out of every three unique iPhone and Android handsets in the market, including over 15,000 million user sessions per day. To estimate first week sales totals for the myTouch 3G, Droid and iPhone 3GS, Flurry detected new handsets within its system, and then made adjustments to account for varying levels of Flurry application penetration by handset.

Flurry also cross-checked their iPhone 3GS numbers with the ones Apple released to confirm and the total was similar. But no matter what the exact numbers are, the DROID has definitely re-invigorated Motorola and we expect them to close out the year strong. The DROID has been an out and out success.


Casey Chan
  • I love Google, but their analytics services really rub me the wrong way. It's nobodys business what my usage patterns are, even if they are anonymous. Now apparently I have to worry about the same thing on my new Droid. I'm glad that the Droid appears to be a success, but the way in which they determined this bothers me. On a related note, I had to do a factory reset on my Driod a few days ago, and during the subsequent setup I came across a consent screen where I could allow or disallow Google to collect anonymous usage data, even while applications were not running. What bothers me about this is that apparently during the in-store setup of my Droid, SOME VERIZON EMPOLOYEE CONSENTED ON MY BEHALF. Was ANYONE out there asked about this during their in-store setup?
  • Save your rant for something worth ranting over. This has nothing to do with Google. It's an independent firm that tracks usuage by device. If you visit a website on your Droid browser it identifies the phone as a Droid, the same way the iPhone and damn near every other smartphone does, and that info is gathered by anylitics companies to predict market penetration. It works the same with the apps that are downloaded.
  • I got my Motorola Droid from Best Buy. When it was being set up they actually handed me the phone for the set up and consent so I could input it.
  • Who would have thought Motorola would have hit it out the park after the dismal prospects painted for the mobile division earlier this year.... For that matter, up until the Droid was released. To keep the momentum, they need to customize the interface - and not like what they did with Blur (more Sense UI or Rachael like). Otherwise all they'll have is a touch-screen Razr.
  • This report is very natural.. obviously, Droid OS’s is one of the fastest if not the fastest mobile OS available. This just prove that the Droid Launch last week was really a success despite of the “slow-start” comment by tech-critiques Collation of info about droid release last week: VERY IMPRESSIVE Hope Droid will serve as a hand of midas to Verizon Corp. Soweet
  • Oups sticky fingers here's the full link Collation of info about droid release last week: WOW Hope Droid will serve as a hand of midas to Verizon Corp. Soweet
  • i like this kinds of cellphone, how much ?
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