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Droid Pro is a Droid 2 with global support; LG enV2 Touch to be Android-powered

The not so secret Droid Pro now is said to be a Droid 2 with GSM and CDMA radios inside -- aka a "World Phone," according to an Engadget tipster. No word on a price point yet, though, it is safe to presume that a similar device with global capabilities will probably cost you a little more than $200 with a two year contract (plus whatever happens on the data side). In terms of release, Engadget's source is claiming that we should see it within the next few weeks.

If one inside tip wasn't enough, there is also word of LG releasing a successor to the popular LG enV Touch; named, well -- you probably already guessed it -- the LG enV Touch 2. Quite a mouthful, eh? Unlike its orginal make, this enV will be preloaded with Android 2.1 and will rock two touch screens -- with full QWERTY keyboard. And if one global Android device wasn't enough this holiday, the enV Touch 2 is also to be a global device. [Engadget]

  • Glad I decided not to wait and go ahead and order the DX.
  • This one is nice to think that many Asians has been waiting for a good Android Smartphone, other than Nexus. Droid Pro Early Impression
  • umm this is totaly bullshit, my buddy is at tester and is testing the device right now. so you can basically carry on since this is just a rumor. what i can say is that it has a 1.3 ghz omap in it tho
  • You should get him to leak the radio ROM, then have someone post it on XDA and get him in trouble ;-)
  • One quick question, is the Pro a slider?
  • This may be a stupid question. Will it have a sim card slot so i could use it in the UK full time?
  • If its GSM it will have a Sim.
  • I upgraded from the env touch to the incredible, I can just imaging what the new one will look like!
  • what's the difference between this phone and Droid 1 and 2. it says that this phone is global. but Droid 1 and 2 is world phone. what's the difference? ?
  • Uhh... no, neither the OG Droid or the Droid 2 are World Phones. They're CDMA only, which is definately NOT Worldly... It'd need to be a CDMA/GSM phone.
  • I thought the same thing. but if you go to your vzw store and read the description on the phone they both say world phone
  • I hope you're right but I seriously doubt it. {{-_-}}
  • My friend's kid was sitting there texting away on a Droid1 and I tried showing her some apps on the market. But she told me her dad only lets her have internet @ the house on wifi. I look at the phone and it says AT&T on it. Pop off the battery cover and there's a SIM card in it. So I guess the first Droid is a world phone, just no 3G?
  • Everything you said is completely wrong. The OG Droid is not a world phone (whatever a 'world' phone is), it is a 3g CDMA smartphone without 'global' phone capabilities. So your friend's kid could not possibly have an OG Droid with AT&T on it with a sim card. She may have had an android phone, but to say she had a Droid would mean she would have verizon on her phone or C3P0 in her hand.
  • I suppose it was a Milestone then. Though I have no idea why they would have one.
  • She probably has the backflip, the milestone is/was a codename for the Droid and is for the xt720 (europes version of the droid x).
  • and by the way, I still don't have froyo on my Droid 1. I'm beginning to think it was all just another typical rumor that Motorola puts out all the time.
  • Both of my brothers got froyo last week. Verizon must not like your market...
  • A friend here was just pushed the update yesterday
  • That's it?! That's the Droid Pro??!?!!! psht...
  • I hope they dont start pulling the same tricks BB did, coming out with device. After devices an make minor. Tweaks
  • They should have just waited to release the Droid 2 and released the PRO version instead......
  • Some carriers don't want you to have a phone you can easily move to totally competing carriers. Most people don't need to pay for two radios when they only need, and can only afford one. This phone has a great appeal for travelers and people who move around for business, but that does not include very large numbers of people. The market for world phones is still relatively small, and most carriers don't like to carry them.
  • well then if there not world phones why do they write that it is
  • The phone is capable.
    Your wallet is not necessarily so. It will work everywhere, but you still need to pay the bill, and you can't roam on Verizon just because you have an ATT sim.
  • Because there is CDMA service available in other countries around the world. So, technically, the phone would work in those areas.
  • IMHO these phones cost too much as is. We are posting for marketing. We sign a two year contract to get a phone subsidized at 200 dollars. The subsidy is made up for in our bill in less than half that time. There is no reason not to have both radios, there is also no reason it should make a phome cost more.
    Google began on the right path. They stood against everything verizon was about. Had they stayed the course, thats the very directions we'd be going. Two year contracts wouldn't be the same in five years. But, this is reality, if u can't beat 'em join 'em. Right google? Just a thought. But in reality, you are right.
  • Yawn
  • I hope everyone is starting to see how ridiculas Verizon is.
  • lol.... Those of you who yawn about the droid 2 obviously aren't globe trekkers. I see this as an important and natural step for Android, and a way to sway customers from BlackBerry who require a global device.
  • What a major disappointment. Why call it Pro. It is Moto Droid 2 World Phone, nothing pro about......
  • I had an ENV Touch before my Eris, its a great phone.
  • Not an LG En-V fan but this Droid 2 World Phone had better have an unlocked bootloader. {{-_-}}
  • No mention on a forward facing camera?
    I hope this is just rumor, nothing more. Otherwise its just one big disappointment.
  • I don´t think that the Droid Pro is an extended Droid 2. Take a look here: The normal Droid 2 is listed under the codename Moto955.
    The Droid 2 world phone could be the Moto956 D2 WE!! -> WE like World Edition. So it leaves us the Droid Pro with the codename Moto957. Don't give up the hope, guys!
  • I'm not buying it. It was rumored that the Pro has a 4-in screen, 1.2GHz processor, etc. None of that matches with the Droid 2. I can see how internal hardware can be replaced/changed easily (as they'd have to do to get the GSM radio in). But, it's pretty darn hard to make the screen size bigger using the same form factor.
  • Update: A tipster has written in to point out that the Droid 2 and Droid Pro are showing as two different devices in Verizon's inventory system, model numbers A956 and A957, respectively; our original source is adamant, though, that they're the same device, so we'll need to wait to see how this pans out. As we mentioned, Droid Pro isn't necessarily the go-to-market name for the phone, but it is the name being tossed around internally right now for the device that we know as the Droid 2 with global roaming.
  • The only thing that catches my eye oon the new Droid 2 World phone is it is swinging a large 1.2 mg processor. That must be a much quicker all around phone I would think. I will say one thing about processor size. Owning a Nexus One and the new G2, that G2 is one fast as lightning device. The G2 has a smaller but different type of processor. Things they are a changing.