Droid OTA update now 'to be determined'

It's officially bad news for that Motorola Droid Android 2.1 update, folks. BGR snagged a shot that looks like the same internals that we've been seeing. And this one's not welcome.

"The OTA software update for the DROID by Motorola is TBD. A new date will be communicated as soon as possible."


"The 3/18 OTA software update will not happen as planned. A new data will be communicated as soon as possible."

Can't spell it out any worse than that. Sorry, folks. Feel free to vent your conspiracy theory in the comments. [via BGR]

Update: And this was just posted to Motorola's Facebook page. No, it doesn't help.

"Thanks for your continued patience. We aim to answer each and every question; if your post isn't answered immediately, please know that we're looking into your question so that we can provide the most up-to-date information as possible."

In other news, Android and Me says the delay has been attributed to the company that actually handles the over-the-air distribution. That sounds right to us, because Verizon has already pushed out the update to some of its employees, and they're reporting no problems with the ROM. Stay tuned.

Phil Nickinson
  • Son of a $%^&*)
  • that's not the news I was looking for
  • Wow... This is just getting worse and worse. I wish I had known it was going to be a SNAFU like this with the Droid and updates or else I would've gone with waiting and getting a Nexus One.
  • :(
  • I knew it was to good to be true. Fml
  • Thanks for the credit of pointing it out on the forums AC..........................
  • It's not like iPhone gets updated frequently...
  • Actually the iPhone gets alot of updates I started with 1.X or 2.X and went up to 3.2. They also have a new build coming soon again. but I switched to the droid from iPhone and still had access to beta builds from Apple.
  • I just put my tax stuff in, if I don't get this update by the time I hear how much I am getting for a refund, said refund goes to ETF and I go back to IPhone
  • Yeah...cuz iPhone puts out so many regular updates that don't require buying a new handset...
  • iPhone? Get a Nexus One on Verizon when it's out or even on T-Mo or AT&T which both have 3G versions now. Google is in control of the N1 updates so it already has 2.1-update1 and should be the first to get any future updates.
  • My thoughts on this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3xXq8Ekjuw
  • i just lost my boner. WTF Motorola Software Enhancement do your job. Communicate a new date already so we can all get pumped up and then disappointed again geez..
  • Wtf man!!! Dam this is a bigger conspiracy then bill clintons sex scandel lol. Dam I'm starting to think tht its never gonna happen!! >:O
  • @PSUdude, lovely troll, I hope. Or ar you really going to dump a phone because a nice minor update didn't happen when you wanted it to? What in 2.1 makes the phone acceptable, but 2.0.1 makes it totally unusable. Step off the ledge buddy.
  • Son a bisquit eating bulldog... What the muthaFrench Toast.... Im so over 2.1 now
  • Motorola showing why you lost a ton of business after the Razr, don't worry you won't be heard from again for awhile. Google only phones for me after this one.
  • I AGREE.
    Ditched MOTO for PALM Treo 650 to 755p years ago. Then went to the G1 for a year. Just got on Verizon a little over a month and its the same crap as TMOBILE regarding Android updates. Google Nexus after this bull s...
  • Android Vzw 2.1 reminds me of the BS WIth the BB 5.0 Vzw put us thourgh. I thought moto Droid was a Google expiernxe hone and we wouldn't have these problems
  • I honestly don't see the big deal. Most of us on here are running a custom Rom that does everything 2.1 would. I'm running droidmod 1.0 and am very happy with it. I really wouldn't care if they didn't release 2.1
  • Gee so annoying
  • LMAO.. I was just checking my phone for a system update when I saw this. I'm glad I wasn't totally excited about it. But maybe I need to start looking into Rooting.. although I'm not sure what the big deal is with that yet. Smoked glass didn't look that interesting to me. Am I missing something?
  • Well, I'm glad they aren't going to push a buggy release out to us. The thing that gets me is how poorly Motorola has been handling the aspect of their customer relations. It is kind of comical if you think about it. They've blundered this how many times now?
  • Yes, lets be glad for this. I mean they have only had 2.1 for 3 months to figure out how not to make bugs, personally if I have "experts" in the field working for three months to come up with something that I see a new rom for everyday, they should have it by now.
  • Goodbye Moto!!!!
    Hello Nexus One!!!!
    I hope the rumor of the 23rd for VZW holds true.
  • this is absolute bull crap, seriously a dissapointment on Verizon's part, I actually just called to confirm, and in fact it is NOT happening today at all, seriously considering alternative phones and companies now. I hope a VIP at Verizon is reading this, get your company together, you have A LOT of dissapointed customers and it seems to never end.
  • oh yea... :-(
  • Ridiculous...but this is what happens when big business collaborates, the customer suffers in the end. The issue here obviously isn't the update itself, I'm pretty sure 50% of the ROMS out there are better than this update, the issue is customer service. This carrot has been dangled in our faces since January? And there was a "bug" found "late" last night? WTH were you working on for the past 2 month? Hope Google releases a phone with a keyboard, I'd switch...this way I get the updates right off the rack... But what am I saying? 50% of droid owners don't even know about this update...lol
  • Ok guys (and girls), I know we are all unhappy, but..... If we get a bad update and 1M phones brick, who wins???? They don't, we don't. No one does. So be patient. It is hard for me to wait also, I un-rooted and re-flashed the stock OS to get this today. It could be worse. At least we WILL be getting an update sometime soon.
  • I'd like to see an update just as much as everyone else for the moto droid, but why is everyone so angry? With Android 2.01, this is a very solid phone. I've been extremely impressed. So what if they're not sending out updates just yet, it's still a kick ass phone!
  • It's the same on all phones these days. People demand constant stimulation. If a carrier waits more than 6 months between flagship releases these days people flip out and complain that they never get any new phones (even though they may have had a top of the line half a year ago). Same with minor updates. Clearly these folks weren't around when the only two smart phone options were Palm Treo and PPC. Updates for those were hardly frequent.
  • I knew it. This is why I didn't unroot and didn't uninstall DroidMod 1.0. And I wont be installing the OTA 2.1 update UNLESS there's documented proof that one can still root and upload custom ROMs (since the Milestone has a locked bootloader, I bet the same is coming to the Droid). Must be some major show-stopping bug, eh?
  • How many months have they said "soon"?
    How many versions of Droids that have been released around the world have 2.1 with NO problem?
    How many more excuses will we be given again?
  • Whatever happened to the DROID being the first "Google Experience" device? Once upon a time, that meant that the Droid would always be top of the line software-wise and be, according to PR, updated to always keep it ahead of the curve... sigh. Ah well... still love the phone, but I'm a little peeved when my friend has his Nexus One and keeps talking about how nice and smooth 2.1 is, ha.
  • I'm sure if the Droid went to a different carrier the 2.1 update would have made it out in January. VZW has royally botched their first Android phone, customer service wise.
  • The G1 was the first "Google Experience" phone actually. The MT3G is also a "Google Experience" phone. That's why they got an update to 1.6 when none of the other 1.5 phones ever did. It seems that it's all up to the manufacturers to get new versions of Android ready for their phones so even "Google Experience" phones without custom UIs can take forever to get updates. For a real "Google Experience," buying strait from Google might be the best way to go.
  • Way to screw the pooch VZ. When you manage to get your bonehead IT guys to reboot the server we'll be ready.
  • While I understand the disappointment of not getting the update, many of you are acting like spoiled brats with your whining. Did your previously working Droid (it works just fine with 2.01 for the vast majority of people) suddenly stop working with the announcement of this latest delay? Do you really want it even if new bugs have been discovered? Do you really want your phone working like a Windows machine with patches every few days? If you just can't wait any longer, root your phone and install one of the many custom roms based on this update... or just pitch a fit and whine on forums that you're going to get a different phone because you can't have what you want RIGHT NOW!!!!!
  • Dude what the fuck?! I unrooted my 2.1 droid for the offical update today. Son of a bitch. What is the problem??? Just release the shit good lord its not that hard!
  • Don't unroot and accept the OTA...you may not be able to get root back!! They'll probably patch the exploit that's currently being used to achieve root access. Just root and install one of the great alternate ROMs on www.alldroid.org. You'll get all the features of 2.1 and more.
  • i agree, i mean i was excited bout it but im not trippin cuz if that ish woulda effed up my phone along with everyone elses vzw and moto would have a huge lump or crap on their hands... i paid to much for this phone for mediocracy so im glad they didnt push out half-cooked updates.
  • Hmm, not sure I believe this. Where is this screenshot from, because it's not Verizon. They also seem to be slowly pushing the updates still.
  • Meanwhile we Nexus One owners are enjoying the Maps 4.1 update. Lol
    Dump that piece of junk on Craigslist today and buy the N1 on the 23rd.
  • Droid users got Maps 4.1 as well.
  • Really? Mine says 4.0.0
  • Nevermind. Its a Market update.
    My bad.
  • most likely they found a major bug and smartly pulled it back. It's a not a f'ed platform, and no they haven't abandoned you.....
  • on a lighter note, im sittin here reading thru all ur comments and my friend jus took a dump with the bathroom door open im leavn lol...
  • OMG! That was hilarious! Get out quick! It's like, "WTF! Close the door next time!!!"
  • I know right, droppin stinky load with tho door open not a good look yo
  • As usual with smartphone updates on Verizon. EPIC FAILURE VERIZON. EPIC!
  • Boo freaking who. Seriously people It will come. No need to go insane about another delay. Yes its a pain in the butt but would you rather have the update work or have a bricked phone? http://androidandme.com/2010/03/news/new-details-of-droid-2-1-ota-and-wh... Read that and enjoy. Just chill out and ride the Droid wave it will be fine.
  • Dear Shelly, By the time you read this i will dead! Hearing the news that my PRECIOUS DROID will not be getting the update i have been waiting for sooooooo long! I just can't go on anymore, being told so many times the UPDATE is on the way........Then have my dreams smashed like the waves of the ocean against the rocks on the shoreline! Please have my darling DROID buried with me! As i realize now the UPDATE will NEVER EVER happen! I know you will miss me dearly, but you must go on! If by some miracle the UPDATE does finally come out.......Please go ahead and update your DROID, I will forgive you! GOODBYE! Rick
  • Everyone bitching really needs a reality check. An update to your phone isn't a right. It's something the manufacturer does to extend functionality and the life of the product. STFU and enjoy your phone until such time as an update is released.
  • Haha. I just won $20 from a friend due to the delay. I bet that it wouldn't come today for anyone because of an error or distribution problem. Thanks to whoever was responsible for the delay! People probably wouldn't care so much if they stuck with the dates they set. Its one thing to say something is coming soon with no actual date, its quite another to state in concrete what day an update will come out, and delay it again. People have a valid right to be upset. At this point though I just assumed people would be used to it.
  • lol... restoring my blackberry right now so I can return my Droid this afternoon and start the waiting game for the N1 on Verizon! Thanks anyway guys!
  • I think their release manager should be updated their resume! What the heck..
  • Seriously, I'm disappointed in all of you. Nobody posted this yet?
  • Where's the "dislike" button?
  • If it were a distribution delay, they could have still released the update.zip for those of us who would want to install manually ...
  • To good to be true! Well it's coming. I suppose it's better that they take their time and get it right then to rush it out and have nothing but junk!
  • seems more on moto than vz...N1, you will be mine day one...retail or not...why did i not learn with the razor
  • I would've loved to the see the update today. If it would've fried my phone, I would be pissed off and have a useless phone. I'm still a little weary of verizon always finding these last minute bugs, even when I had my BlackBerry they always found bugs with the BB 5.0 OS. However, Working phone > Fried phone So you choose.
  • I am still not convinced. that screen shot is DEFIANTLY NOT a VZW document - first VZW wouldn't just add an "UPDATE" to an already existing post they would create a new one explaining why its not out and give a scripting as to why to position it to callers that call in about it. I am not 100% convinced yet
  • Any chance we can get one of those Verizon employees to share their rom with us? :)
  • You guy at least have nav. I'm on 1.5.
  • That document may be bullshit. Just spoke to VZW tech support, and they know nothing about the update being pulled. He told me it was being released on schedule.
    He also said that the first handful was going out to VZW engineers.
  • Everyone who is screaming that their getting new phones or switching companies are a bunch a useless turds who probably are not very productive in life- quit worrying about the update and get a life! Sure, Im bummed, but come on people. Yeah, go get the N1 or switch companies. Im sure the experience will be flawless like everything else in life.
  • Fuck you, asshole.
  • This is why they shouldn't abounce these things till the first round of updates is done and the full scale rollout is under way....
  • whyyyyy!!!!! i still have some hope, or should i just give up. maby its an easy fix that will be addressed promptly.
  • Good thing I have a hero, until the super sonic comes out. Huh hah!!!!!!
  • Never again. I hated Motorola for the longest time and was nervous about going back to them with the Droid, but they were really convincing and i thought they might have turned a new leaf. Nope never again will i buy into you GOOGLE FTW Motorola go to hell!
  • Wish I could say I'm surprised. At least it validates my decision to root and install they Cyanogen mode a few days ago. Woot!
  • What a bunch of morons at Motorola! No wonder the company's gone to s&!t. Can't even ensure an OTA from their most advertised phone goes smoothly. Doesn’t matter who's at fault (Verizon, Google that 3rd party OTA handler). The name on the phone is Motorola. Do something right. Strong arm your asset, idiots.
  • Why won't those motherfucking assholes just post the file so we can download it and update ourselves? Pricks.
  • What a bunch of whiners you all are. You can root your Droid in less then 2 minutes and load 2.1 .. the release VZ is going to eventually push is ESE53 and Bugless Beast 0.8 is built on it. I've been running it for a while now and it's ROCK solid. Just get over to alldroid.org and download it. SHEEESH!
  • Note, to anyone thinking about posting "whining about the whiners". Let me stop you right there. Please shut the fuck up and just leave. The reason? You're a stupid asshole.
  • Damn right .. an asshole running 2.1 @800mhz and a happy asshole at that. ;)
  • According to Verizon's official Twitter feed, their testing with the 1,000 users is on schedule.
  • Link to that twitter feed?
  • http://www.twitter.com/vzwnetwork
  • Just left the verizon store and they said the updates r still on schedule there is no delay!! He said every one should have it within a few days!!
  • Just had a thought. If secretly VZW has still continued with their plans; Its possible that tonight 9,000 more Droids will get updated. This is all a part of the process. Send out a hand-full of updated (thousand) then another hand full (9,000) and if theres no bugs send out boat-loads (200,000) the snag here is with the first handfull they found a bug so why send it out lol....i dunno call me crazy but im just gonna remain hopeful
  • http://www.phonescoop.com/
  • Just checked the Boy Genius Report, some people are saying they got their updates. Dunno how true it is but this could mean that the updates are coming after all. At this point, I don't know what to believe. I just want my 2.1 already! {{<_>}}
  • Anyone have any info on the dell streak?
  • And update gets delayed and everyone wants to jump ship like its the end of the world. What's so good about this update? Pinch to Zoom being the biggest thing? Live Wallpapers and a 3D photogallery? We've lived without this stuff since the Droid came out and you can continue to live without it for the next few days.
  • You know what I say to anyone who want be be patient. Go right ahead but don't tell me to! You can just go on with your day and not wait if you want! I on the other hand am sitting here obsessing. I speak for all of those who are impatient and just to let you know we want to go on with our lives too! I want to move past obsessing about 2.1 and start obsessing about 2.2 and don't you tell me to be patient god damit! I shouldn't have to wait months just to wait another day!
  • Motorola Foroms Droid 2.0.1 update just got taken down. 240am.
  • It looks like the guys over at www.droidedup.com have at least some answer from Verizon. http://droidedup.com/2010/03/android-2-1-for-motorola-droid-rolling-out-...
  • The problem isn't the fact that the update isn't rolling out as planned. The problem is that VZW and Motorola have been dangling this in front of our faces since January 22nd. It's just like the Star Wars Galaxies launch, which was seemingly delayed for years. That's what's pissing me off...VZW is famous for this though. LG voyager V7...BB OS 5.0. So this is nothing new.
  • i'm waiting for the news when they announce that the droid will NOT be getting 2.1
  • LOL @ 2 posts ago. The Star Wars Galaxies release wasn't great but I loved it until ' the day'. Lets hope they don't release a NGE.