Droid Incredible supply issues finally coming to an end?

After being on backorder since it launched, it looks like the the supply issues for the Droid Incredible may be under control. Verizon's website is now listing that new orders will be shipped by 8/7 -- that's this weekend -- which is a huge improvement over the multiple weeks DInc orders had been delayed at the end of June.  

Were I to guess, I would say that HTC adding SLCD screens to the production, and the launch of the Droid X contributed to higher supply and lower demand for the DInc, so that the two figures are nearly equal now. So, in case you were wondering, the Droid Incredible is far from dead.

Now that the Droid X has the dubious honor of bring on a significant backorder (as seen above) and the DI looks to be getting Froyo very soon (plus, Evo users already got theirs), anyone taking a closer look at the DInc? Sound off in the comments. [Verizon Wireless]

Kyle Gibb