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Droid Incredible supply issues finally coming to an end?

After being on backorder since it launched, it looks like the the supply issues for the Droid Incredible may be under control. Verizon's website is now listing that new orders will be shipped by 8/7 -- that's this weekend -- which is a huge improvement over the multiple weeks DInc orders had been delayed at the end of June.  

Were I to guess, I would say that HTC adding SLCD screens to the production, and the launch of the Droid X contributed to higher supply and lower demand for the DInc, so that the two figures are nearly equal now. So, in case you were wondering, the Droid Incredible is far from dead.

Now that the Droid X has the dubious honor of bring on a significant backorder (as seen above) and the DI looks to be getting Froyo very soon (plus, Evo users already got theirs), anyone taking a closer look at the DInc? Sound off in the comments. [Verizon Wireless (opens in new tab)]

  • I ordered one for my girlfriend on Friday and it came in yesterday, so the situation definitely seems to be a lot better.
  • I have had mine since launch and I knew it wasnt dead, its a great phone. Just waiting on froyo for now. Also hoping "google music" shows its face by the end of the year and can compete with Itunes.
  • I ordered one for a user yesterday afternoon and it shipped overnight. So that's pretty impressive! Some of my users are choosing the DI over the X simply because they want the smaller device. I've had the DI since release. I also used an X for a bit, and the DI just seemed more polished to me (maybe it was Sense).
  • I love my DX.
    Having said that, I'm contemplating switching to a Dinc because it's just a little too big. It's gigantic 4.3" screen, it's amazing. But I went into a Verizon store recently and the Dinc just sits more comfortably. It does most everything that the DX can do (I say that as I'm typing this out with Swype). The main reason I wouldn't switch is because of the DX's beautiful 4.3" screen. Wait a minute... that damn Catch 22!
    We're all so lucky to have such choices. (But why do I have to be so dang indecisive!? I have less than 2 weeks to decide.)
  • Swype is a killer DX feature that I couldn't live without. I hope it will eventually come to the market or the beta will re-open, but I love it enough that I'm willing to only buy phones that have it preloaded (with the built-in mic button I might add). The panoramic mode on the DX's camera (and, to a lesser degree, the slo-mo and directional audio camcorder modes) is another feature that I love on my DX. Honestly, though, I could take or leave the crippled HDMI and DLNA/MediaShare stuff. The main advantages of the DInc (besides size) are the polished Sense interface and the unlocked bootloader, in my opinion. Sense blows away MotoBlur (though it doesn't have resizable widgets) but I think Beautiful Widgets running on LauncherPro Plus is better than either of them, so that's kind of a wash. Custom ROMs are great because they allow you to run future versions of Android even after the manufacturer stops supporting the phone, thus future-proofing it. But the DX is much more future-proof than the DInc in a different way, namely hardware specs. The Snapdragon isn't exactly obsolete, but if I'm buying a $200 Verizon Android phone, why not go with the one that is much faster and has better graphics performance? So it's still very tough to decide between the two. Their respective strengths and weaknesses match up pretty well, so I think it ultimately comes down to whether one of their strengths is particularly attractive for you, and/or the feel of the phone. Do you love the 4.3" screen on the DX or is it too much phone to handle (literally)? I found it manageable, if not terribly comfortable to hold in one hand. And Swype sealed the deal, so I went with the DX. But I have lots of friends who love their DIncs, so to each their own. All that matters is that it's Android :)
  • Great! Just in time to be further pushed into irrelevance by the Samsung Fascinate and Droid 2! Hooray for Android's ridiculously short window of tech dominance
  • I have had mine since launch, hasnt let me down yet, cant wait till it gets froyo!
  • Walked into my VZW store on April 29th I remember that day cause i got rid of my bb storm said I would like a Droid incredible please the associate said ok be right back and walked out 20 mins later with it :)
  • 20 minutes to go grab a phone? sounds like fishy business... haha.
  • I had to wait a month to get my Incredible ordered it June 8th got it July 2nd a date I will remember forever it had a traumatic effect on me LOL :p .But I am glad now the wait is over for all the furture incredible owners too.
  • Yeah their backorder is getting shorter. when i ordered my icredible said it would be shipped by 8/4. I actually recieved mine on 8/3.
  • Backorder was brutal in June, glad it's over for most.
  • finally!
  • Can we have a post that does not include the word Evo? Com on now
  • x2
  • There's enough room for all of those form factors. You have: A 3.7" device with slideout QWERTY (Droid2)
    A 3.7" device with Sense and no keyboard (DInc)
    A 4.0" device (Fascinate)
    A 4.3" device (DX) The Fascinate is the only one that I am not sure how it will affect the DInc and DX. It seems to be a middle ground, but it has TouchWiz which is far worse than PhilBlur, and not nearly as polished as Sense. It also will not have the Droid branding.
  • Honestly, I wouldn't include the Fascinate yet. On Verizon, you have the Droid X, the Droid 2, and the Droid Incredible. The Fascinate might not arrive until October, by which time other phones will be debuting and the landscape of the Android market will be completely different. Verizon doesn't consider the Fascinate part of its summer line-up, so I wouldn't include it.
  • I was one of the lucky few who got the Incredible a week before release. I'm sporting the leaked Froyo and loving this phone. Personally I wouldn't want it any bigger, so I'm not even tempted by the X. I'm glad to hear the back order situation looks to be coming to and end. Maybe now the "Droid Incredible Shipping" thread will fade into oblivion. @JeffJ - you bought a DI for your girlfriend? You must really like her!
  • I wouldn't trade my Incredible for an X or a Fascinate. The X is just too big for my tastes. I have normal sized male hands and its not comfortable to type on a 4.3" screen for very long -- you really have to extend to reach some keys, especially in portrait mode. And if I need to reach something not on the keyboard, forget it -- I can't reach with my thumb, so I have to shift my hold and use a finger. The Fascinate's 4" screen is a little more reachable, but both suffer from an odd problem, given their raw horsepower. Both feel sluggish compared to the Incredible. In everything but 3D gaming, the Incredible just feels snappier and faster (general UI, composing messages, app switching, browsing). If I wanted a portable Xbox experience, I might consider the Fascinate -- but I want a fast, usable phone and PDA first and foremost, so I'll stick with the Dinc.
  • I agree. I got one of the very first Dinc's. I've compared it to the larger android phones and the iPhone4 (I held it right) and would not trade it even for Any of them. Like most, I am waiting on Froyo for this Best-in-Class Android phone. It's the right size, speed and feel for this Handheld-PC Phone. The Dinc just really gets it right!
  • I should clarify that my opinion of the Fascinate is based on some quality time I spent with an AT&T Captivate last week. The UI will be identical, so its a pretty good basis for an opinion about the Fascinate.
  • See, I prefer the DX. I like the big screen, it doesn't feel too big for me, typing is just fine, and I think it just flies, especially after removing all of the PhilBlur bloat and replacing it with a custom launcher. In reality, they are all great devices, and which one you like better is going to be based on your personal preference. It's a much better situation than that other prominent smartphone out there, where you better like their form factor, damnit, or else you're out of luck. Having all these choices is a good thing for Android.
  • I returned my X, Dinc is better phone overall. my opinon
  • i got the Incredible. coming from a BB i would say that the change is huge both for the better, and for the not-so-better.
    first off, right out of the get go, the incredible is huge, great, snappy, blazing fast. that's a very needed change from my sloppy BB Tour, and judging from yesterdays announcement of the BB 9800, RIM is not going anywhere near Android, or IOS, at least in the near future, it is the "same clunky experience we got from RIM for the last couple of years, albeit few cosmetic touch ups" to quote one review.
    but enough BB, lets talk Android. it is still not "simple" to fire off a text, reply to Email, as the BB. not as easy, or simple to go from text to email to phone in mere seconds like you can on the BB.
    and, the worst part is the battery life, which i don't think Froyo will take care of that, and signal strength, and the lack thereof, which may or may not be helped with an OTA update. but im happy to have switched from the slow crawling BB, to the ultra fast, real pocket PC, Incredible.and the Torch 9800 didn't prove to anyone that it will much faster then the current BB's by putting in a -so 2008- 624 MHZ processor. that shows you that they don't entirely get it at Waterloo. i think its time for android to adopt the simplicity for texting, etc. then they will have incorporated both worlds.
    until then i will sport both at the same time. Blackberries have a loyal base -and for good reason- after all.
  • I can understand coming from a Blackberry how you would think the DInc is huge. My phone order was RAZR->BB Curve->iPhone 3G->Nexus One, and I'll be getting my DX tomorrow. But as you can see, the screen size was upgraded little by little, so I think it's more getting used to the DInc than its size.
  • to me, after playing with a DX at a verizon store last week, I realized that the DX really just wasn't to my liking. Sure, the screen is like HUGE but its to the point of just being annoyingly too big. Plus, the screen isn't as fluid moving as my Incredible. In my personal opinion, the Incredible is the crown jewel of the Droid's.....and it should get the respect it deserves.
  • I have a friend who is getting there DInc today.
  • Im suprised the stupid droid that came out a year ago might get froyo before the DInc
  • Froyo for the DI is done, we are just waiting on Verizon to release it. They probably want to wait until the Droid Froyo rollout is done.
  • well that sucks! why would they do that
  • I just love my Dinc. It is very impressive and so far not one issue with it. It feels so good in my hand and it is lightning fast. Froyo is gonna make this device the best in show.
  • Both phones are good i tried both of them before picking my first android phone and decided the inc was to small for me but thats just me.i preferred the x because i have chubby fingers and it makes it easier for me to type plus swype is pretty nifty..oh and i just ordered a replacement x (cause mine had little faults)and they said i should get it this friday so i dont really understand the backorders
  • Got the Dinc at release in April. On my fifth one now. Recurring issues have been speaker failure and glitchy software (low phone memory error almost bricking the phone) Two of my replacement phones were delivered with previous customer's apps still installed and displayed low memory error out of the box. Very poor quality control. Installed the Froyo 2.2 leaked OS and this one seems to be working fine. 5 phones in 5 months...what a PITA. Overall the Dinc is the best Android IMO
  • my first smart phone i have ever had... my choice was the droid inc. my factors for this choice... 1. size 2. power 3. versatillity.. the dinc has it all.. fits in my pocket nicely.. plenty of power.. built in space and the options for use.. i currently run this phone on froyo skyraider rom/vanilla... its stock and contains very little sense.. although sense is another reason i got the phone.. but since i have dabbled into the rooting scene, i choose a stock rom for the speed and battery use.. once the 2.2 is official from htc and is rootable... i most likely will return to sense..