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Droid Incredible 4G LTE software update bringing international roaming and Isis payments

The Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE by HTC (really? enough with these names) is getting an update today that brings both international roaming capability and Isis mobile payments. Verizon has unlocked several of its devices for international roaming lately, and now the Incredible 4G LTE is on the list. When the device is being used domestically, however, this update is supposed to improve LTE performance as well. Isis mobile wallet is the other big story here. Isis is the payment standard being pushed directly by the big carriers in the U.S. and competes directly with Google Wallet. We've seen indications recently that Isis is finally ready for an unveiling, so this update is coming just in time.

The hefty update -- about 155MB -- will be coming OTA (Over the Air) to all devices and is considered a "mandatory system update" by Verizon. Instructions indicate that the phone will reboot 5 times during the installation, so don't be alarmed if it takes a while to install. If your device hasn't prompted for the update yet, you can check for it in settings > software update > check now.

Source: Verizon; via: Droid Life

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  • It's been a while since I have followed the DInc 4G LTE, but since the SGS3 Mini is so average, this may be my only choice for a smaller phone on VZW. Is there a root method & is it back on the HTC dev site to unlock the bootloader? (Obviously I know this update might change that temporarily).
  • It's not listed on, but neither is my EVO LTE, and it worked for me with the "All other supported models" option selected. I'd look on the AC forums or and/or the XDA forums to see what people there say if you don't have the device already. Also, don't forget about the Droid RAZR M. Motorola has sells a developer edition, if you're willing to pay full price ($550) and go off-contact. Here you go:
    And don't tell me that Motorizon doesn't update their devices quickly enough for you. If you get the dev edition, you and your friends at XDA do the updating yourselves :-) Since this phone ships with Android 4.x, incompatible kernels, etc. won't be an issue (at least not until Google releases 5.0, probably late next year).
  • Now roll out Global Roaming on the SGS3 please, Big Red.
  • Yes Verizon please send the same updates for the S3. I will give Isis a try since I'm in Austin.