Droid Eris Gets Unboxed, Better than Sprint HTC Hero ?

The DROID Eris, Verizon's version of the HTC Hero, has been unboxed and looks generally ready to go for the November 6th launch. Why Verizon doesn't want to officially announce this device is beyond us, because from the looks of it, they've got themselves a winner here. 

BGR's tipster says that the DROID Eris is both thinner and lighter than the Sprint HTC Hero and pretty much the best Android device other than the DROID. So when will someone knock off Verizon from its perch of having the two best Android phones on the market?

Hit the jump to see more pictures of the DROID Eris!

Casey Chan
  • Thinner and lighter doesn't always equate to better...
  • Yes it does... silly
  • I'm not the author of the original comment you replied to, but no it doesn't - stupid.
  • Its thinner because the battery is 1300ma/hr vs 1500ma/hr. Ant it uses a LOT of power! Dead phone taint good phone!
  • Agreed, what exactly makes it better than the Sprint version. I would say the Sprint version trumps the Eris based solely on the fact that HTC has confirmed 2.0 is coming to the device, and banking a lot of their money on the Droid I'm sure VZ is gonna delay 2.0 on the Eris simply to make the Droid more appealing to consumers.
  • vzW 3g is not better than sprint it is proven over and over.Quit quoting VZW it is not true but that's why VZW and ATT are being sued by the FCC for colusion and ATT is sueing them over "a map for that"
  • Proven time and time again??? Sorry buddy but you need to do some homework and leave the biased comments at the door. VZW is the largest network and there is no way to disprove that. Check the tower stats. Sprint is a good company, and does have a better package for the price, but the reception and data network is not comparable to VZW. When sprint drops 4G in all areas they may have a chance at competing with data. But then again, with VZW posting 11,000 wifi towers that won't mean much either will it... Being sued, not been sued? There is a difference. Until they win it is just a claim, so nice try on that as well, but no cigar. Not to mention Since Sprint is contracted with VZW to use their towers in their dead zones, I highly doubt you could call sprint the better company if they need verizon to exist in certain locations. I worked for both Sprint and VZW too, so don't bother debating because you have no source of information to tie it too higher than mine. You have been LeeTPwnd, step your tech game up and stop talking.
  • win. just win.
  • Not sure why you are guessing but that statement is incorrect. The android OS update for 2.0/2.1 will be available in Q1 2010 for the eris just as it is the hero. It's the exact same phone with a different shell and the update is made available through android, not VZW.
  • Even if HTC doesn't officially release 2.0 to the Eris, hackers are more than likely to adapt the Hero's 2.0 to work on the Eris. Let's not forget that the Eris is also on the nation's best network (as far as 3g coverage is concerned), which is why it is the best Hero rendition to date.
  • Subjective. Nearest Verizon tower to me is well over 120 miles. Even T-Mob gets better signal here than Verizon. Therefore, Eris (or any Droid) is the WORST Android device to date. :)
  • I personally just like the look of the Hero better. And while I'm on the subject...I think the Droid looks really ugly...but that's just me.
  • Agreed. The edge that hangs down under the sliding screen on the Droid is ugly.
  • agreed... I think a comment over on Wired.com says it best...
    "has all the visual finesse of a TI calculator from 1970. Pocket protector anyone?"
  • The Sprint HTC Hero is already thin and light enough as it is. I tried it at a Sprint store and felt it was too light, currently use a Moto Q9c. If the Eris thinner and lighter, it would be even harder to handle without sufficient heft.
  • I'm just glad we're arguing over which is the best Android phone. Once upon a time, we only had 1 device on 1 carrier. Now we have way better and multiple phones on all but one of the major carriers. Sounds like a win no matter which way you cut it :-)
  • Sprint has 4G plus uses verizon network for roaming which happens to be free with their plans. (which are cheaper plans)IMHO
  • With no known way to root the CDMA Hero's software, whose to say custom roms will even be a possibility on these devices? In terms of Hero vs Eris I'd go Hero if your only factor is which device is better, not to mention VZ likes to rape people with disabled features. In terms of best android device? Droid no question, if 2.0 proves successful on the Hero and possibly the Eris then that will be the top smartphone in my eyes.
  • Just saw over on XDA that the CDMA hero has been rooted
  • Nope - tried that CDMA hack and it doesn't work on the Droid Eris - sucks I know :( Keeping my fingers crossed for a new work-around that will give root access...come on!!! Fails at the step where you try to push the custom asroot2 script/executable to the sh running on the Eris (was a working exploit on the Hero but not on the Eris).
  • I'm sure they closed what exploit wholes by the time the HTC Droid Eris came out... keeping my fingers crossed too that hopefully, someone can put out a nice ROM like the latest I've been reading about Cyanogen. It's crazy the stuff that they've tweaked from having root access.
  • And don't forget that the tipster is from bgr who is in love with Verizon so they say its better just because its from them. And it looks worse than the hero
  • It's nice, no doubt, but I have to wait for the HD2 to release stateside. I'm sorry sweet DROID. It's not you, it's me.
  • That phone is ugly
  • Ahahah wow!
    Better then the Hero?!
    Ahahah theres no way, I have sprints hero, and let me tell you, its the best device out.
    Let me tell you why the hero is better then the eris:
    1: sprint
    2:cheaper better plans
    3:android 2.0 is on its way
    4:it feels wayy better
    5:its beautiful
    6:it doesn't look like a calculator
    7:it has a larger battery
    8:named best gadget of the YEAR
    9:badass name
    And don't forget 10:i wrote this on my hero so you know its good:D And don't forget, the Hero is better
  • I second that! I heart my hero:)
  • 2.0 is hero dumbyy
  • You only say it's better because you own a Hero! Sprint, cheaper plans, 2.0 (ON ITS WAY, not here yet though), "feels" way better (you probably havn't held an eris yet), named best gadget of the YEAR (before eris came out), and the name (which sounds like a sandwich to me), none of these are actual "reasons" why the phone would be better. These are just stupid things YOU like about your sandwich phone and you say them to make yourself not feel stuipid for having your phone on a crappier network before the better phone came out on the better network. :)
  • Oh, and an over the air update for 2.0 IS coming to the eris soon as well, so scratch #2 off completely.
  • "It's prettier (the hero is bulky and the color looks like my morning drop off ) , it's special, it's got a cool name. " Are we talking about your dog or your phone??? And gadget of the year is irrelevant since they are the same phone in different shells boy genius. Then you compare the network with pricing? YOU NUB BAHAHA! Step your tech game up since you know nothing of the specs on your own phone?? And if saving a couple of bucks is worth less reliability and less coverage to you then you are probably broke and should sell your hero so that you can eat lol. Everything you listed is your "special" and i mean special opinion with absolutely no tech specs or real reason to call it a better phone. I mean seriously man? Who likes a phone to be bulky enough to look like it has a slide out keyboard when it doesn't? You should be shot at dawn for such a lame post... no really, i would pull the trigger.
  • If you look at the stats on the htc site the phones, hardware wise, are exactly the same EXCEPT: the eris has a smaller battery. so it may be a little more expensive on sprint but with sprints much cheaper monthly charges the hero is better.
  • I went to Verizon today to check out the droid and eris. I fell in love with both phones. The droid is a monster and the eris is awesome in its version of android. I looked at the rate plans for verizon and was shocked to see they pull the same crap att does by nickle and diming the customers. The phones are goo but not good enough to pay over 100 a month. I then went to sprint and played with the Hero. This is the same Eris phone in a different shell. Same specs....same great OS. 2.0 will be released on this and the eris soon. The rate plans were great. Under 70 for unlinited data/ text and 450 minutes with free calls to any cell phone on any network and free after 7. I then went home to see the coverage maps for both phones and both sprint and verizon are good in my area and sprint uses verizons towers if roaming. I chose the Hero and pay less than 70 a month (employee discount through my job) and absolutely enjoy the phone. the OS is where the real competition is. Droid is a stock 2.0 OS, while the hero is going to be 2.0 on steroids. Better OS, cheaper plans, same phones......its a duh moment. Go with Sprint and don't worry about minutes, or the bill. check your area to see if sprints good in ur area....if it is get the hero....if not get a airave and use the mini tower in ur home for 5 a month. Sprint usually waives this fee though. Up to 3 phones using the same tower and you get 4-5 bars all the time. VZW sucks in terms of pricing. They rip you off like att.....and att def. Stinks in both pricing and coverage.
  • That previous comment just said EVERYTHING you need to know. After hearing that why would u honestly want a Droid Eris... Hero>Eris
  • Do you wear a helmet and walk around hoping to be saved by your fav "hero" ? I think so. lemme guess, you probably own a dell too lol. NUB... The Eris looks waaaay cleaner than the hero with the same specs. VZW network is lent out to sprint on contract bcuz sprint's network lacks. Making the Eris and VZW..... Your daddy son. You are grounded.
  • lmao you just keep getting whooped on by these sprint guys yet keep coming back for more- yet sounding even more insecure and pea-brained each time. "your daddy son"? are you some kind of verizon gangster? lol get a life id go with the sprint version. as far as mobile broadband is concerned sprint dominates this category hands down; so just shut up already.
  • "check your area to see if sprints good in ur area....if it is get the hero." bahahahaha wow. You point out that sprint may not run good in certain areas and then critique another carrier? lol. Corporate america uses verizon. That tells you two things. Don't buy a high end cell phone if you are too broke to pay the bill for a solid network, and you have to "check" to see if you will even get decent coverage before purchase with Sprint. Sad day for sprint lovers loL. We don't have to worry about coverage at VZW. And yes, i have had a phone on every major carrier, and i worked for all but Tmobile, including Sprint, VZW and ATT. VZW network and service is killing sprint sir. Not to mention feature options. Next time integrate some intelligence and research into your biased "I love my hero and sprint bcuz I know nothing else" opinions. When you step up your money game and can actually afford the tech that you have, come to the light. VZW will still be here with the largest, most dependable network haha...
  • I love air jordan shoes.
  • Corporate uses VZW... Wow that's great corporate is the last thing I would care about while choosing a phone besides corporation bank on the fact that you retards like to throw away money and stupid stuff to make their pockets fatter... ie VZW and ATT. Besides the last time I've checked the goverment is contracted with Sprint hmmmm I wonder why oh yeah because they are the only leading company in the 4g Network with pricing that no other company can begin to compare to, Now as far as the hero and the eris there is no comparison they are the same phone except one company likes to bend you over and the other one is the $%#@ nor do we have to depend on coverage because as a customer I can use your tower for free and not pay a dime not only that Texas is pretty much covered by the 4g network which is far more superior to VZW network... It's kinda of sad VZW charges all that money and they cant up their game because they have too much of it tied up in the 3g network
  • UR an idiot. A no-fact based opinionated idiot lol. I worked for both of these companies and am currently an analyst for Apple, i.e. I work in tech (and yes intelligent and nonbiased enough to admit that there is a better phone than the iphone - you see i like the best - period) . What do you do for a living? Wait, I would bet you still live at home too lol. 4G is only available in certain areas too genius. Therefore it isn't even industry standard yet and still in testing, beta boy. You must work for dell lol. p.s. I dont know who at verizon "bent you over" but you should be mad at them for probing you, not verizon. p.p.s. "which is far more superior to VZW" - really??? "far more" isn't even proper sentence structure. You have the dialect and intelligence of a 3rd grader and you have half a ball to argue with those that bring facts up against your empty arguments with no fact based subject matter? Step down son. You have been PWNED and anyone that is reading this can tell that YOU got fucked by verizon. My guess is that you were too dumb to manage even something as simple as your minutes. lol. Have a good one poodle boy.
  • oh yea, and its obvious that you have no clue on how corporate contracts are negotiated. The government contracts with Sprint would definitely have nothing to do with a 4G network that isn't even nationwide yet. And just when i thought... oh wait... I never thought you were smart. Not only did you contradict (read above) your own statement of how much better the hero (same phone, different case) was than the Eris and try and save it with a network comment, but you obviously know nothing of high level contracting and even how something as simple as area coverage works. Did you want to get schooled on how tower coverage works? I can give you a tutorial son. Cmon, lets talk tower coverage, I like making you my B!7^% - its an ego booster. Now go play halo or something lol. What do you do for a living again? loL ~PWNED
  • I wasn't aware that people still used the term pwned. Mister T plays World of Warcraft so I guess it makes it cool. They're the same phones. Pick one and shut up.
  • Saying "I worked for (insert carrier here) and your opinion is invalid because I'm so tech savvy and 'leet and I pwn you". Well, I think that pretty much speaks for itself right there. I'm sure lots of people are going to rally to your banner, you oh so mature leader of men. The only difference between a cellphone company salesman and a fastfood employee is about $2 an hour. You both are *maybe* high school graduates, but the fastfood employee doesn't annoy me in the mall trying to get me to buy from him......oh and the fastfood guy will at least bring me a cheeseburger. Point is, the fact that you worked for a cellphone carrier means very little to me.
  • My background was just for reference to the "I know what I am talking about" factor. It's apparent that your lack of fact based opinions are just that.... opinions. In a world of technology where fact is relevant, I guess that would make all your opinions... irrelevant. And the difference between your understanding of salary when it comes to the above mentioned careers is that you think that means I was a rep. Try regional manager with 13 stores. Yea I cred dropped, hurts to know I make what both of your parents combined make, doesnt it. Keep ur mouth shut if you dont want to make a fool of yourself. Seems to be the only language the few of you idiots speak. AKA you are better off as a mute. My apologies to those who actually had an intelligent discussion here b4 it got carried away. I just have a short fuse when it comes to people who spend time on forums talking out there a$$ and looking at porn in another window lol.
  • Go to this site and it compares the Eris to the Hero. Hopefully you will understand that the hero is better. It states everything to do about both phones. So if you think that the eris is better than the hero you might want to check this out.. https://www.androidcentral.com/e?link=https2F2Fcli...
  • Im sorry was there a noticeable feature difference or hardware difference that was supposed to make the hero better in this spec sheet? I never thought a person could really F&%& himself. You sure proved ur point didnt you? did you? haha, short yellow bus is outside, dont be late!
  • Anyone who calls someone "poodle boy" clearly isn't worth listening to. My unbiased opinion (i don't any of the new smart phones) has me leaning towards Sprint's HTC Hero or Verizon's Droid.
  • anyone that goes to a forum and doesnt even know what to talk about except that they are upset by the content of the intellectual debate (despite the additional venting lol) should be banned. No one cares what phone you want to buy. Hopefully you will buy one so u can stay the hell out of here lol. Buy a nokia 8890, it suits you more and will take u thru the matrix. If u cant handle a heated debate... well u know the rest
  • What the heck is wrong with you people? These are cell phones, not your kids. Just be happy you're not carrying something around that had to have it's own purse or man-bag or whatever. :: sheesh ::
  • wow actually the sprint htc hero has the exact same internals as the droid eris so their the same phone with a different design..so this review is saying that this device is the best android phone besides the moto droid? nope its just another bias review
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