Droid Bionic reader review continues with dozens of videos

If you needed yet another reason why the Android Central Forums are, in fact, the bast damn Android community around, look no further than member bworley50. You might remember him from his recent Droid Bionic review, and now he's back with not one, not two, but some two dozen videos of the Motorola Droid Bionic.

His "My Bionic" thread has become something of a new legend, and at the time of this writing it's topped out at nearly 80 pages. But if you're at all interested in what to expect when the DB is finally released this week, you're going to want to read them.

And we've compiled bworley's video after the break, so check 'em out. Very well done, sir. Very. Well. Done.

More: "My Bionic" in the Droid Bionic Forums

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Huge props to bworley50!

  • This phone looks beasting
  • Definitely one of the best pre-release threads I've seen.
  • can't thank bworley50 enough!
    AC-you guys need to get this guy some swag. Hook him up with some accessories or something.
  • ..
  • this comment is a generic negative comment about its pentile screen or browser benchmarks....
  • damn dual post :(
  • LOL
  • I wish all his remarks where in first couple post with every one asking something its just to scattered after first couple paged I get tired of trying to figure out what he relpyed to etc.
  • I agree. Is it possible for a moderator to clean up the thread by hiding or deleting all the duplicate questions and rubbish posts?
  • Thanks for the post. Looks like an impressive device. Still, will wait to see what else Verizon will bring. Too little too late.
  • Can't wait
  • Thunderbolt hype all over agian...
  • Except this phone is worth it. Would never have paid any money for a single-core LTE phone this year.
  • Umm did anyone get hyped about the Thunderbolt?? I didn't . . .
  • Thunder what? Don't know what you're talking about :p
  • Nice Quadrant score, but I get over 2400 with my DX running CM7 at stock 1GHz............just sayin
  • dude, there's no way your stock DX running at 1GHZ gets 2400. i have an incredible and overclocked it to 1.3GHZ and it never even reached 2000
  • blah blah blah - generic post about waiting 12 or 16 months to buy a phone that's way better than this phone - blah blah blah
  • Is there any plan to summarize the OPs postings here? I'm sure there's lots of great info in there, but reading 77 pages of questions and comments to get to the three pages of good info isn't something I have time for.
  • Wow, I've checked out that thread in the forums. I missed the prelaunch Thunderbolt stuff, but was it just as bad? I mean I really like my Thunderbolt, but I've never gone off the ranch so to speak like some seem to be doing with the Bionic. It's like some crazy fanboy love going on over there! Yikes, it's just a phone for crying out loud!
  • Okay, totally off topic but I will say it anyway. This dude really needs to go blow his nose, that damn nose whistle is driving me crazy in almost every video. All that aside, the videos solidify my decision to get the bionic.
  • They are seriously forcing the Mobile IM crap on us? Great. I'd rather have it set up like the Droid X or Droid X2 when it comes to memory. Have 8GB of App memory, then just have an sd card.
  • All videos have been removed by user. What's up with that?