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Droid Bionic battery life said to be better in latest tester leak

And here's yet another pic of the upcoming Motorola Droid Bionic (suffice it to say it's deep in the throes of testing among average Joes at this point). So you see some speed test action going on here, and that's some fine LTE data speed. But what's got us interested is YodaDroid's follow-up, where he declares "battery life improved once again," and that he's seeing more than 15 hours of use, with push e-mail and widgets running full-bore.

Let's certainly hope so. Battery life has been the Achilles' heel of LTE devices. And if Verizon puts out one that can last past lunchtime, it'll make all this hype (and that Pentile screen) worth it.

Source: Android Forums; via Phandroid

  • Finally! an LTE phone with more than 5 hours of battery life!
  • For me, it is all about the battery life. This is nice to see. I hope this turns out to be true.
  • I hope they improved the battery life because they definitely didn't spend the past 8 months making it thinner or better looking. Looks like I'll be keeping my DX for a while.
  • After these things have lived out its life cycle, they will replace the cinder blocks and tire rims gas stations use to affix their bathroom keys to. This things monstrous!
  • I guess I have gotten used to keeping 2 BH6X Batteries in my computer bag for my Droid X2, just like I did with the DX. I carry a 3rd party charger for them too from Amazon. If I am working at home by DX2 doesn't usually make it past 1:30PM before I need to put it in a stand or swap the battery.
    I hope the Bionic's battery life is better, but, seriously, I wish they would get the thing into the market and in our hands. Bad enough I am still waiting on Moto and VZW for the 4G/LTE upgrade for my Xoom that was promised 'shorty' and 'soon after launch' when I bought he tablet in March or April. Then it was 'summer'. Come on Moto, focus.
  • Better battery life is definitely good, but does it make the Pentile screen worth it? No. I held and used the Bionic at our midyear kickoff meeting (VZW sales rep here), and though the screen wasn't as atrocious as the DX2's, it was still Pentile. I can't stand it.
  • I dont know I doubt you held this version so who knows we can hope they used a better screen and if I had to decide better battery life or better screen it would def. be better battery life...I think most people would agree battery life trumps screen IMO
  • Interesting. I would guess most people would agree screen trumps battery life. Not saying you are wrong, I just would have guessed the opposite. Then again I sit in my office all day at work so I can charge my phone whenever I want. But even if that wasn't the case, I'd still go for screen over battery. After all, I can always buy a spare battery or 2 and keep those with me. Buying and installing a better screen? Not so much. I guess to each his own.
  • If true, this is definitely my next phone.
  • I know what you mean. I read all of these negative comments about the battery and I know TWO people that have the TB and love it...and have no problems with the battery lasting 10+ hours.
  • mb on 3g with light usage...But when I had my thunderbolt it lasted between 3 and 5 hours and that is just unacceptable to me... I wasn't using heavy or anything..I had sync and everything on but the thunderbolt just has a underpowered battery it reminds me of my buddies evo...My biggest gripe with the thunderbolt is that it was a big phone and with this big phone they put a little dinky battery in it...Didnt make much sense to me and it showed with my real time usage...Another problem was it wouldnt fully charge and you had to bump charge that was the final thing for me..How can you not get a battery to charge this day in age?? and you make the customer bump charge...Sorry for the rant but that phone pissed me off so bad when I had it
  • Once again if ya'll don't want a big phone don't get it. Those of us who have big hands need that size so that we don't have to get arthritis from contorting our hands into these torturous positions.
  • There is another reason to like a big phone. Those of us who are older and need reading glasses like the bigger screen and therefore bigger font size so we can see the darned thing. You folks who are less that 40 don't have a clue about this, but it is important to many of us "older geeks". :) AND IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU TOO!
  • AMEN to that! I need that bigger screen just to make it easier for me to read!
  • I'm way younger than all you guys and I have terrible eyesight. Even with my contacts in, I still like to have bigger screens. Bigger is better in my opinion. I mean, I carry around my PSP with a fatty case on it, so this will be a welcome change since I can finally put that thing to rest.
  • Battery life is not as big of a concern as that pentile screen. Previous poster mentioned it being better than the DX2's. I sure hope so because I was blown away when I looked at it in the store. Its horrible. I have an upgrade, I love Moto products, and I really want LTE. Im crossing my fingers!
  • give us more rumors and leaked images of the Nexus Prime... the Bionic has lost it's flavor
  • B.S. If this gets 15 hours on LTE with all features on, I will eat it.
  • I'm with you on that one! I'm betting that there's a toggle switch (like on the EVO) that let's you turn on/off LTE. Unless Moto came out with a new ultra thin 3500 mAh battery and hasn't told the masses *sarcasm*