Droid Bionic ARena app live on Android Market, the game starts shortly

Ready to try your hand at winning a Motorola Droid Bionic, and another "machine" to control with it?  To make it even better, how about using a fancy Augmented Reality app to assist in the nationwide scavenger hunt?  Yeah, now we have your attention. 

The Droid Bionic ARena scavenger hint kicks off Sep. 4, with a chance to win one of 16 Motorola Droid Bionic smartphones, coupled with an HDTV, an Intel laptop, A Motorola Xoom, or a video streaming enabled Quadcopter to pair it to.  Four folks will win each day, and the winners will be announced when the whole thing gets wrapped up on Sep. 8.  It's free to play (of course), and it looks pretty interesting -- install the Android app, collect a randomly dropped render of a prize, and each one you grab is an entry in the drawing for the prize.  See the Droid Does site for the full details.  We've got a pic of the UI in action as well as the download link after the break.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Interesting idea. I think I'll try it out for kicks and maybe I'll get lucky and win.
  • Tried it on my phone, constant freezes... Seems like it's that way with most people. Funny that you need the Droid Bionic's power to use an app to win the Droid Bionic.
  • Must be just your phone. It works fine on my Samsung Fascinate, which has a single-core processor.
  • Oops double post
  • Funny; I scan the QR code w/my Droid (Motorola A855) and get "app not found". I check the market over the web, I'm told it's not compatible with my phone. I agree with kcls...
  • Runs fine on my Dinc. Tho I've done the 'Build Bionic' several times and it doesn't seem to remember...
  • I want the Quadrocopter, lol.
  • I like the "find something get u an entry model" vs the "first one to the bush hiding the phone wins!" This way the employed people have a chance lol
  • I don't get why the people that probably could use an upgrade the most (OG Droid owners) can't download the app. I tried the link on droiddoes, scanning the qr code and using the market website and none work...what gives!!
  • This is pretty cool. I'll have fun with it, and would be even better to win something! Just tried it out on my Droid2 and everything was really smooth.
  • What about the five of us left that don't have an Android phone yet?
  • Seeing where the actual contest doesn't start for 12ish hours, that could be the problem with some of you trying to play.. All I could do was make my bionic guy & log in..