Droid 2 Global confirmed in two colors; comparison sheet revealed

Just in case there was still any doubt about the Droid 2 Global coming in two different colors, the latest details to leak out of Verizon by way of comparison sheet, totally confirms that information now. The Droid 2 Global will come in dark sapphire and winter white. The color options shouldn't throw anyone off though, in fact you've seen them before on the Droid 2 and Motorola Cliq. The comparison sheet does cover some of the other details, such as some of the exclusive features that only the Droid 2 Global will have in addition to the outlining of the specs.

All in all, a nice comparison sheet for those of you on the fence about which device to choose. I guess the biggest choice here, really, will be down to what color you'll be getting if the Droid 2 Global is already on your "Do Want!" list. [via Droid Life]