Droid 2 feature: The panoramic picture

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Taking panoramic pictures isn't unique to the Motorola Droid 2. But Motorola's way of doing it deserves mention. (Click here for our Droid 2 camera test.) The above picture was taken with the Droid 2, and it's dirt simple. You set the phone to panoramic mode and press the shutter button, which starts the process. The phone tells you how much to move to take the next picture, and beeps when you're in the right position, which is helpful when the sun's in your eyes. Press the shutter button again when you've got what you want. The phone then stitches everything together into what you see here.

It's a pretty sweet deal and is a no-brainer. For another version of this same picture taken with the Droid X, ease on past the break.

(Click this picture to to open in full resolution in a new window)

Phil Nickinson