Dragon Mobile Assistant hits version 4.0 with new features, stability improvements

Nuance's assistant app, Dragon Mobile Assistant, has just received a notable update to version 4.0 today bringing in a new set of features and enhancements. With this latest update, Dragon Assistant will now automatically switch to Driving Mode when it detects that you are moving quickly enough to be driving, creating a seamless experience. Additionally, users can now have email dictation, so you can now create, dictate and send email through the app. Facebook activity will now automatically read out when enabled for notifications and newsfeed updates as well.

And what good would an update be without a bunch of stability and performance improvements, along with a bunch of bug fixes? Those are all here too. The version 4.0 update of the app has just been pushed out to the Play Store, which you can find at the link above.

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  • Is this not the same thing as Google Search/Voice or S-Voice? Posted via Android Central App
  • For a basic voice search I would definitely use Google search. Where I think this app shines is in the driver mode. Completely hands free, just say 'Hello Dragon' to wake it up and you can prompt it to send a text, call someone, or listen to (insert artist) on Pandora. The main advantage over this compared to HTC's new car app is that HTC only allows you to respond to a text, you cannot create one on a whim.
  • I just downloaded Dragon (I'm an old time fan of theirs) only to find that they obviously aligned themselves with certain pre-desginated apps that always default . Without the ability to choose what defaults........(example, I like the Weather Channel) ....I am removing Dragon. When you give us a choice ..... I'll try it again.
  • +1 and agree...
  • I tried this for a bit before the update, but this app is a RIDICULOUS BATTERY HOG!!!!! Even when i wasn't in driving mode every few minutes it would wake up the phone, it's just sitting there on my desk and it would just turn on the screen. Automatically detecting driving sounds a lot like those shining new Google Services APIs and my experience with them is that activity monitoring is also a huge battery hog, the location stuff isn't bad but the activity monitoring does use a lot of battery. So it sounds like you'll need to have you phone plugged in 24/7 with this app installed.
  • About the auto-driving mode... what about when in buses and trains? Posted via Android Central App
  • I have a Galaxy S3 and when connected to the Bluetooth in my car but listening to the radio Bluetooth does not call to the system to activate so all these driving safety apps are useless. I had an iPhone before and when I would use voice control it would call my phone number and would broadcast over the speakers in my car, since moving to android the only way to get sound over Bluetooth is to press the media button on my stereo and even then Google now sometimes fails to pick up my voice