Download more games for your console with WD Black's 5TB Game Drive on sale for $95

Wd Black 5tb Game Drive
Wd Black 5tb Game Drive (Image credit: Amazon)

The WD Black 5TB P10 Game Drive portable external hard drive has dropped to $94.99 on Amazon for Black Friday. This is definitely a Black Friday price considering this 5TB drive usually sells for around $130 or so. It has only dropped anywhere near this price once this year, and that was six months ago. At this price, the 5TB version is actually less expensive than the 4TB version currently is, so it's like getting a full terabyte for free.

Optimized to work with your PC or your gaming console. Can store up to 125 games, although that number varies based on file size. Has a durable form factor meant to be taken with you anywhere you go. Works with PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, Mac.

We're seeing the first generation of gaming consoles featuring Digital Only consoles that don't have a drive for physical disks. That's huge, but it also has a fatal flaw in that the solid state drives these machines use for storage do not have a lot of space. You're going to fill up on games really quickly and you need something like the WD Black on sale here if you don't want to have to pick and choose what games you have to keep installed.

The WD Black is a fantastic upgrade for anyone who's into video games, creative pursuits like photography, or just into collecting media like music, movies, and TV shows. If you haven't upgraded your hard drive in a while maybe today is the day to do it. Not only do you get a ton of storage, but the WD Black is designed to be faster than your usual hard drive, too, so it can read your media very quickly. The next-generation design from WD gives you great performance for the price.

The P10 is a 2.5-inch hard drive and it's designed to be both portable and durable. You won't have to worry about taking your gaming library with you on the go if you want. This is a system purpose-built for gamers. It's based on gamers' feedback and WD Black promises quality and reliability that lets you play without limits.

WD also covers it with a three year warranty. It's compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, and Mac.

John Levite
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