DoubleTwist is a long-serving and popular Android music player. The basic app is free to download, but despite this is packed with features that make it stand above many smartphone makers own efforts. DoubleTwist combines form and function, with a great looking user interface paired with powerful tools and add-ons to give one of the best all-round music players the Android platform has to offer.

The iTunes connection

DoubleTwist is particularly useful for anyone deeply entrenched in Apple's iTunes content ecosystem. Through the AirSync add-on for Android and the companion desktop software, DoubleTwist can effortlessly synchronize your iTunes library to your Android device to take with you everywhere. The latest side-project is an iTunes Radio recorder that gives you offline access to your stations, while you can also use DoubleTwist to AirPlay music to your Apple TV or AirPlay speakers. Pretty slick.

Beyond your music

DoubleTwist also offers a variety of features that go beyond your own music. Be that podcasts, or the excellent Magic Radio (still U.S. only) it's a one-stop-shop to take care of all your audio needs. Also available is the DoubleTwist alarm clock app which not only looks great, but wakes you up to your favorite music. Nothing beats early morning rock!

Download DoubleTwist from Google Play | More info on the DoubleTwist website