Roll the Dice

At this point everybody has played a game that involves dice whether that means Monopoly or Dungeons & Dragons. That means that we've also felt the pain of losing dice and being unable to find them when you need them. Well, yet again technology is coming at us with a solution. This time it's Roll the Dice for Android Wear which aims to fill your need for the common 6 sided die.

Roll the Dice for Android Wear is a simple app, honestly it's about at simple at they come. It's totally what you see is what you get. When you open it up you'll see a single die dominating your screen and a small number 1 flanked to the right by a triangle. You can roll up to 6 dice in a single go which is handy, particularly if you're using the app for tabletop role playing. To adjust the number of dice you're rolling, just tap on that triangle and you can add or remove them until you have as many as you need.

Roll the Dice screenshots

Rolling those dice is equally easy. All you need to do is go ahead and tap on the dice themselves. They will go into an animation of them rolling — or more specifically, you'll see the numbers change rapidly until they settle in. It works quickly and easily, which is a good thing. You won't find any kind of settings, or options for this app though. Just the option of 1-6 6 sided dice to be rolled. It would have been nice to see them offer up different types of dice like a 4 sided, 8 sided, or 12 sided die — the developer has mentioned that they have new features on the way, so we can hope.

Roll the Dice for Android Wear is fantastic at what it does, and even better it's available for free in the Google Play Store. If you've been hoping there was a dice rolling app you could access from your smartwatch, then make sure you check it out. So far it seems to be one of, if not the only Android Wear capable dice app to make your gaming more convenient.