Droid X battery

We mentioned in passing the other day that the innards of the Droid X can be a little confusing, so let's do this up right. There's a little tab that sticks out from underneath the Droid X's battery that says "Pull." Now, if your Droid X came with its battery in place, chances are you'll logically pull the tab to remove the battery. That's what I did, and I didn't think twice.

But we've seen a bit of confusion over this. [Android Central Forums 1, 2, 3]. And as Slashdot user jddj points out, if your Droid X is shipped to you, it likely won't have the battery pre-installed. Next thing you know, you see a little yellow tab that says "Pull" -- as well as "Do not cut," which makes you think you're supposed to remove it by pulling. Do not do this. The pull tab is to help remove the battery. Do not cut it. Do not pull it loose. It's supposed to be there. Jddj writes that calls to Verizon and Motorola ended in a voided warranty over the removal of the FCC info, and nobody wants that.

So -- A handy (albeit somewhat regrettably snarky) instructional video is after the break. Hope this saves a few of you some headaches. [Slashdot]

Oh, and we know some of you won't be able to contain yourselves, so we'll turn comments off as soon as we see the first a-hole. If this little post helps you, great! If you figured it out all on your own, have a cookie.

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