Nuzzel for Android

Nuzzel for Android makes it quick and easy to see what your friends are reading and talking about on social networks. After having great success with their iOS app, Nuzzel is now available on Android. Nuzzel is a simple way to see news that your friends are sharing to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, without having to open those apps.

Getting set up is very simple. Once the app is downloaded all you have to do is log-in with Facebook, Twitter, or both. Logging in with your social network accounts will allow the app to gather the content your friends are talking about and show it to you. In the Nuzzel settings you can customize news alerts, so if a bunch of your friends start sharing the same thing you will be notified of it. If you want to share the articles with those who aren't using the app, you can do so via Twitter, Facebook, email or even SMS.

The app is available now in the Google Play Store as a free download.