Dolphin Browser Mini beta now available in the Android Market

We previously got a look at the new Dolphin mini browser in its preview stages, and the application is now fully available in the Android Market as an open beta. The Dolphin teams main goal with this browser was to make it as fast as possible for end users. It's nice and lightweight and while it lacks many features of the Dolphin HD browser that's kind of the point. A slimmed down, super fast version of the Dolphin browser you already love.

Key Features:

  • Speed through the web
  • Browse with ease
  • New fresh UI
  • Speed Dial Homepage
  • Infinite tabs browsing
  • Innovative Menu design
  • Powerful tool box
  • Gesture commands

If you're looking for a faster browsing experience on your device, you might want to check out Dolphin Mini. Keep in mind of course it is beta, so that said if you run into any issues; be a good sport and report them to the Dolphin team. They can't fix what they are not fully aware of. Download link can be found after the break. [Dolphin Blog]

  • Can you fellas do a browser comparison and recommendations on your podcast? it would really help your readers I think. More specifically as it relates to speed/useablility/stability/compatibility. Best for streaming, best for security etc. Thanks
  • Always thought Dolphin HD was too much. This is looks great!!
  • least the folks at gives credit when a news tip is submitted.
  • I've given a tip and got credit before. I wouldn't have cared if I didn't though, but maybe I am missing something, is there some benefit to getting credit? Do you get a cookie in the mail or something? Maybe they didn't use your tip & already saw that it was available from the market. Just give yourself a pat on the back. :)
  • Perhaps...but I doubt it.
  • I downloaded it and it seems like it works pretty good but I'm not noticing much of a speed difference on my 2.1 hero. If anything, its slower to use than the hd version since not having easy access to bookmarks takes more time than the possible split second savings you might see otherwise. It is a beta so its hard to talk trash
  • And it's free! So trash talk is forbidden. ;)
  • How do I get the speed dial, after opening a new tab, when I click a new tab it appears blank.
  • Man, I love it.
  • I like it, seems fast to me.