Does Blink Work With Alexa?

Blink XT2
Blink XT2 (Image credit: Blink)

Best answer: Yes, and quite seamlessly in fact. Amazon acquired Blink and has since improved the functionality for Blink security cameras to work with Amazon Echo products. You can arm your security cam network when you leave your house and cast live images from your outdoor cameras to an Amazon Show, Amazon Spot, or Fire TV, plus more.

Blink offers two styles of their completely wireless security cameras: the Blink Indoor Home Security Cameraor the All-New Blink XT2 Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera, which are battery-powered and connect to your home network to deliver 24/7 video and audio coverage of your home. Because there are no wires to deal with, you're able to mount these cameras anywhere around your home. However, you'll want to stick with the XT cameras for anywhere that might get exposed to the weather.

You can buy Blink cameras individually, or they're also available in multi-pack bundles. Think about the areas on your property that would benefit from a bit of extra surveillance and figure out how many cameras you might want for full coverage. Your savings scale up as you bundle more cameras, and you can connect up to 10 cameras on one Blink Sync Module. As you expand your Blink camera coverage, you may want to pick up a camera mount and/or a camera cover - particularly if you are installing the XT2 on the exterior of your home. Our best advice would be to test out the system with one or both the indoor and outdoor cameras and then build out your home system to suit your personal needs.

Blink is under the Amazon umbrella

Amazon has been busy expanding its own lineup of smart home devices. Also, it's been acquiring other smart home startups that feel like natural fits under the Amazon brand. Blink was acquired in late 2017, and all Blink products were quickly integrated into the Alexa ecosystem.

You're able to connect any Blink product to be controlled by Alexa via any Echo speakers or displays in your home by installing the Blink Smartphone Skill in the Alexa app. The voice control functionality works best if you have an Echo Show or Spot to pull up the live camera feed. The one thing you'll have to be careful here is the specific language you need to use to get the commands just right. This is where setting up Routines becomes an essential tool for getting the most out of Alexa.

Free cloud storage is a nice touch

Even though Blink is now an Amazon company, it still offers at least one killer feature that you won't find with Amazon's own Cloud Cam. We're talking about cloud storage without a pesky subscription.

Many security camera companies offer some sort of premium subscription service that offers enhanced cloud storage and other features paid on a monthly or annual basis. Blink offers live-streaming HD audio and video, motion-activated instant-on recording, and a cloud storage service for free — no monthly subscriptions or additional costs. Now, you would think that Amazon would just step in and offer a similar subscription service as it does for the Amazon Cloud Cam, but they haven't. Instead, you get an ultra-portable camera you can set up anywhere in your house with no wires or additional costs required. Welcome to the future.

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