The software experience has been the main focus of the Pixel phones ever since Google first introduced the series in 2016. In fact, the original Pixel and Pixel XL were the first two Android phones to ship with the Google Assistant.

New software goodies have popped up with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 lines that have followed, but without a doubt, the Assistant has remained as one of the biggest software features to be introduced on a Pixel phone.

Here in late 2018 with the Pixel 3, are people still using the Assistant?


I use assistant a ton. On my Pixel when I had the 2 XL, on my Google homes (3x in the house), and even on my iPhone. I have the "Hey Siri, go to Google" workaround setup (I set the phrase as go to Google) to make it launch to assistant via voice :P.


I use Google assistant in all my device, it's very helpful and understand me pretty much on the first try.


I use it all the time. Home automation, trip planning. I even use it for random query's. The squeeze side is so much better than that damn hot word. ugh. But I use that at home, squeeze in public. The camera is definitely another aspect as to why Pixels are so great.


I rarely use Google Asst. on the P3.


What about you? Do you use Google Assistant on the Pixel 3?

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