Do you think Samsung software is better than 'stock' Android?

Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+
Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+ (Image credit: Android Central)

Whenever a new Android update is announced, we tend to get pretty excited about it. New software from Google means new features and user interface elements to sink our teeth into, but as time goes on, these big changes are most impactful with Pixel phones and other handsets that mimick Google's Android interface.

If you look at a phone like the Galaxy S20 from Samsung, which is powered by One UI, an update such as Android 11 isn't quite as exciting. Why? Samsung phones tend to have more software features than your typical "stock" Android phone.

Some of our AC forum members recently got to talking about this very subject, with the conversation going as follows:

This right here. Like Samsung's features or not, you have to admit they make their own stuff and don't depend nearly so much on Google. That it's Google under the skin is getting less and less important nowadays. Shoot, they went their own way with Tizen for the watches. I wrestled with that a bit before I pulled the trigger, but I have zero regrets about buying a Galaxy Watch. (In fact,...

Adam Frix

I agree when it comes to features -- but I'd be more concerned about important security patches. Granted, many security patches are minor, but every now and then there's a more consequential one, so I'd hope those get pushed out by Samsung in an expedited manner.

B. Diddy

it's not Samsung that's the issue now, it's the carriers. TMobile sucks at updates.


Main thing is Samsung has these features that later on get added to stock Andriod, which is true like mentioned in the article, for faster Andriod updates the pixel has that but features they behind, and not gimmick features its ones that get added eventually to stock Andriod.


Now, we want to hear from you — Do you think Samsung software is better than "stock" Android?

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