Do you buy insurance for your smartphone?

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As smartphone prices continue to rise, it's become more important than ever to protect your purchase in any way you can. This can be in a few different ways, whether that be slapping a case on your phone, applying a screen protector, or going as far to buy insurance for it.

Phone insurance plans are nothing new, but when spending $1000+ on a handset, picking up a plan to go along with it starts to become more and more appealing.

Recently, some of our AC forum members got to talking about phone insurance and whether or not it's something they bother using.

I would consider Verizon's extended warranty which isn't very expensive and is for the life of the phone as long as you pay the subscription fee. It's not the full on accident insurance but I always keep phones cased and never had any accidental damages. If you've had a similar history, then that's my suggestion. If you're clumsy, then I would seek out accidental insurance.


None since I don’t keep my phones long enough and also it’s an overkill for me if i keep getting insurance. If something happens i can pay the repair costs or replacement, anyway the cost of not paying phone insurance for all these years covers a few phones easily. Though it’s just my personal preference


I feel the same way, I had insurance on everyone phone I had and never had an issue. I stopped getting insurance when I got my SO+ and up and haven't had any issues...thankfully :)


I use to have insurance through Verizon but it is now $50 a month for 3 phones! I only saw the $17 plan which I think is way too high. I don’t think I have ever had to use it on my phones, but when son was on our plan he broke or lost 3! Glad I had it then. Don’t have insurance now. So far I get a new phone every year but gonna try to stop that. Leaning towards no insurance but damn these...


Now, we want to hear from you — Do you buy insurance for your smartphone?

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  • Yes. I always buy insurance and use a case for protection.
  • Don't forget to check your credit cards for coverage up to the lifetime maximum (assuming you bought the phone on that card).
  • Nope. Mama didn't raise no fool.
  • I have att family insurance plan I think its like 40 for like 6 lines it's cheap enough. But if I was by myself I wouldn't have it.
  • No. It's not worth it. The only reason it is offered is because it makes them money.
  • No insurance here, put that money in a savings account, and be your own insurance company.
  • Never had insurance in 25 years and never needed it anyway. I now consider that if I drop or lose my phone tomorrow, I'm still quids in.
  • Insurance is such a gamble.
    So far, never had it.
    Still buy cases for my phones which seemed to have been enough.
    Not sure how cases are going to work out with the new foldable form factors being released....