Whether you're the do it yourself type of person, or have some known upcoming home repairs that you'd like to avoid paying someone to complete, you know that having the right tools around is critical. Sometimes, tools are expensive, and renting them can be a pain as well, and that's why you should expand your collection when things go on sale, like they are right now.

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A must-have: Bosch 12-Volt Drill/Driver

A cordless drill/driver is something that everyone should have around the house. Whether you want to hang a picture, fix a cabinet, or assemble some furniture, this can make any of these tasks much easier. This Bosch kit comes with the 12V drill, two batteries, a charger, and a carrying case. It's discounted by just under 50% right now, so don't miss out.

$75 at Amazon

Multipurpose tool for everyone: Dremel 4000 Kit

With a Dremel you can carve, clean, cut, polish, grind, engrave, and so much more. This kit comes with four attachments and 34 accessories, along with a handy carrying case to keep it all safe in. It normally sells for around $100 or more, and this is one of the best prices we've seen for it this year.

$73.58 at Amazon

Easier to move: Cosco 300 Pound Hand Truck

Ever try moving a large appliance or heavy box by hand, only to be defeated and have to wait for some others to come help? This hand truck can help you avoid that feeling of helplessness and get the items moved around. It regularly sells for closer to $70.

$47.60 at Amazon

Big thing in a little package: Little Giant Safety Step Ladder

Ceilings are tall, roofs are high, and unless you can hover, you'll need a ladder to reach these places. The Little Giant ladders are some of the best out there. They fold up nice and small, have sturdy ledges to place your feet, and are easy to move around. This step ladder version normally sells for around $160 and rarely drops in price.

$126.46 at Amazon

Safety First: Extech Non-contact AC Voltage Detector

You should never begin an electrical repair or replacement without first knowing 100% that the power to the area is completely turned off. This non-contact voltage detector can let you know whether it senses the electrical current or not, without you even needing to touch it on anything. It sells for as much as $16 regularly, so be sure to make this purchase and avoid a potential hospital trip.

$10.39 at Amazon

For the beginners: Crescent 170-piece Mechanics Toolkit

If you're just getting started with building out your tool collection, or are looking for a gift for someone who just purchased their first home, this kit is the way to go. It comes with 170 pieces, ranging from screwdrivers to sockets, Allen Keys, and even pliers. It has its own hard carrying case to keep things organized so you won't start misplacing things. It normally sells for closer to $100, and has sold for $125 in recent months.

$78.25 at Amazon

Required Reading: Do It Yourself Print Magazine

Many things are digital these days, but there's still something oddly satisfying about reading a magazine. Whether you're looking for inspiration or pro tips, the Do It Yourself magazine is here to help you with your projects. A one-year subscription normally costs over $22, so be sure to lock in now and have your first magazine delivered in as little as six weeks.

$5.49 at Amazon

There are tons of great tools that you can use to complete jobs on your own instead of hiring someone. Some of these are more necessary than others, so be sure your tool kit has all the essentials, and then start adding some of the fun ones that you think you may use.

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