Privacy is everything nowadays. It's hotly debated online, in political forums, and huge corporations are regularly selling our information so that other corporations can, in turn, make money off of us as well. A lot of folks are OK with that and view it as "just the way the world works" and other folks are tinfoil and don't even have a landline telephone. But you don't have to belong to either extreme camp — you can meet privacy and online freedom right in the middle.

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What you need is a VPN or "virtual private network". A VPN helps you browse the web anonymously by masking your online identity, thus preventing data mining, blocking ads and malware, cloaks your IP address, and more. In an age where identity theft, cloud leaks, and more are made easier thanks to the internet, you can protect yourself and feel at ease online.

The Private Internet Access VPN allows you to use up to five devices at once without limiting bandwidth so that you and the rest of your family can browse the internet in anonymity. This type of service is usually $166 for a two-year subscription, but through Android Central Digital Offers, you can subscribe for $59.95, a savings of 63%. This VPN is perfect if you worry about your online privacy or if you like to view content from all over the world, since it bypasses censorship filters, freeing you from geographic filters. And, if the VPN connection is unexpectedly terminated, you can flip off your internet connection with a killswitch, so that you're not left open to any type of online attack.

If you hate online ads and you prefer your online identity and personal information to remain a secret, then a VPN is just what you need. Viewing unrestricted content from around the world is a bonus! You could end up spending hundreds on a VPN, especially if you're signing up for a multi-year period, but at Android Central Digital Offers, you can subscribe to Private Internet Access for only $59.95 and browse safely, securely, and most importantly: anonymously.

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