Moto X with digital NFC tattoo

If you're the type that foregoes passcodes on your phone in favor of the convenience of quickly turning on the device and getting to what you need to do, then the digital tattoo created for the Moto X will help to combine convenience and security. This way, you can still lock your phone, but thanks to the NFC coils within the digital tattoo, you can tap your Moto X against the tattoo and your phone will unlock faster than you can utter "open sesame."

These so called digital tattoos are just stickers and aren't permanent like regular tattoos. Essentially a wearable device, you're applying a sticker to your arm or any part of your body. According to the company that makes these digital NFC tattoos, each tattoo will last up to "five days of showers, swimming, workouts, and anything else you can think of," with the VivaLnk tattoos sold in packs of ten for $9.99.

At this time, the digital NFC tattoos are only available for Moto X, but if VivaLnk gets enough interest for other NFC-equipped phones, then it might expand the project.

And best of all, if you're geeking out by carrying multiple Moto X phones on your body, these VivaLnk tattoos will work with multiple devices as well so you don't have to "graffiti" your body with multiple digital tattoos. That said, each phone can be linked to a maximum of five digital tattoos.

Source: VivaLnk via Motorola