Did the HTC Incredible HD (aka HTC Mecha) just appear for its close-up? (Update: More pics show up)

What do you get when you have a power button, front-facing camera, speaker grille and battery door slot? A close-up of a smartphone, that's for sure, which is just what showed up in our inbox. And this is looking a whole heck of a lot like the HTC Mecha (aka Incredible HD) pictures we published a month or so ago. Could it be something else? Some sort of Windows Phone 7 device? Sure. But it definitely looks like HTC fare, and it definitely looks like the Mecha to us.

We've got one other picture after the break that is a decent macro shot of the screen bezel and what probably is a volume rocker. It's a mystery, for sure. Thanks, anon!

Update: The plot thickens, as Engadget and Slashgear were fed some of the close-ups, too. Coincidence? Hell, no. Peep 'em after the break.

Update 2: Gizmodo got one, too. How nice for them.

Phil Nickinson
  • mecha? isn't that the name of the robots in the movie A.I.?.....
  • Dang. Those pictures make the device look extremely slick.
  • looks and sounds like u are WRONG lol thats on top buddy
  • Hmm... power button on the RIGHT side? I dunno...
  • That would be the top, not the side
  • That really looks like the top to me. Look at the left side of the picture, it looks like it tapers off like the top edge would. Also, there's the lighter band that goes across the back, which is vertical on the back of the phone. Personally, having never owned and Android phone yet, I like it better on the right.
  • yup, YOU DON'T KNOW.
  • He meant on the right side of the top, which is different from the DInc because it is on the left side of the top. I think "YOU DON'T KNOW."
  • On the EVO, the power button is on the right side of the top and the headphone jack is on the left... oppisite of the way it is on the DInc and exactly as these pics show. It would make sense then that the Mecha would use the EVO's frame. It would make less sense to change it around.
  • HTC is ALWAYS amazing when it comes to phones. Now all i want are pictures of the Evo Shift & my year will end SWEETLY!
  • I think I am pretty happy with my Nexus S, even if it isn't on Verizon.
  • No T-Mobile for my Nexus S around here, so I'm still in the market for a new Verizon phone. This is definitely gonna be it. Well, maybe. Not sure about buying any phone without a SAMOLED after the NS.
  • I am so looking forward to this being my next Android Device. I hope the Spec's are astonishing as well as LTE on board! Finger's Crossed!
  • All these "slab-style" Android phones look the same.The FF camera looks like the Mecha's though. Just so happy I haven't upgraded yet.....................
  • I struggle with choosing a device because I love the stock Android look and knowing updates will come to the Nexus line faster than any other brand. It would take one hell of a device to make me give up on my n1.
  • Fit and finish look good, even if you can't tell what it is... What ever happened to the HTC Scorpion?
  • I hope that Verizon announces the Mecha/Incredible HD at CES. It's the only thing stopping me from using my upgrade and possibly going to T-mobile or sprint for the Evo or My Touch 4g
  • oops, responded to the wrong comment
  • Not to be negative nancy but not impressed with an almost slighty outdated phone. Don't get me wrong the new sense +1 possible GB +1 and LTE +2 that's about it. The newer more effecient dual core phones to debut @ CES will make this seem like an old EVO(which it is) but with LTE goodness in it which is also said not to really improve battery life yet. Don't get me wrong this a great phone but about 2 or 3 months behind where it shoulda been. Throw in the fact the Google all but said dual core is where GB & OS's beyond will work best now and into the future as well as manufactures quietly saying the same. But who knows what maybe up HTC's sleeve....guess we'll see @ CES. Oh and don't think certain iCompany hasn't jumped on the dual core bandwagon either. Just food for thought.
  • Who's to say that just because this phone had a certain type of specs to begin with that they will not change? If they keep this phone the way it looks and add a better processor it will inevitably be better than alot of the upcoming phones, I like the simple and sleek design HTC puts into their phones, There does not need to be extravagent looks, It's all about performance. If this thing releases with Gingerbread and a new competitive processor it will definitely be a big hit. After all, It is on verizon ;)
  • Nothing new to see here unfortunately. I've been waiting for this phone for months. If you go back to the BGR pictures from several months ago all of these close-ups match up with the previously released pics. Either way - I'm still way excited to get my hands on this phones.
  • Seems like the trend now are to "leak" pictures 3 months before the phone comes out, then 1 month before the phone releases announce the name of the phone, then 1 week before the phone comes out officially release pictures of the phone.......c'mon just show the pictures and list all it's features,etc
  • I just love hearing the words "Incredible", "Verizon", "LTE".... Now let's get this phone and network to meet each other and then get one in my hand!
  • The day is growing closer. I will be happy when this phone hits the market. I will try to pre-order it this time.
  • I must have this phone!!!!!
  • *fingers crossed for early upgrade*
  • I definetly will be pre ordering if this is the Inc HD/Mecha. I cant imagine HTC going backwards with there hardware so this will be even more incredible than before. We definetly want dual core 1Gig procesors. Dont worry about battery life as have found articles demonstrating that when the 2 processors share resposibilities they pull way less voltage, and less Mhz combined vs one single core. I will look for the link to the article breaking it down. A screen to match or better than Iphone 4 ( i hate even typing that word). A 4"-4.3" screen. Please Phone Gods LTE. I have 4 upgrades next year and I can't wait.
  • edit here is a link on dual core processors vs single. http://www.guruht.com/2010/12/tegra-2-dual-core-vs-tegra-2-single.html