Did the HTC Incredible HD (aka HTC Mecha) just appear for its close-up? (Update: More pics show up)

What do you get when you have a power button, front-facing camera, speaker grille and battery door slot? A close-up of a smartphone, that's for sure, which is just what showed up in our inbox. And this is looking a whole heck of a lot like the HTC Mecha (aka Incredible HD) pictures we published a month or so ago. Could it be something else? Some sort of Windows Phone 7 device? Sure. But it definitely looks like HTC fare, and it definitely looks like the Mecha to us.

We've got one other picture after the break that is a decent macro shot of the screen bezel and what probably is a volume rocker. It's a mystery, for sure. Thanks, anon!

Update: The plot thickens, as Engadget and Slashgear were fed some of the close-ups, too. Coincidence? Hell, no. Peep 'em after the break.

Update 2: Gizmodo got one, too. How nice for them.

Phil Nickinson