Official Dick's Sporting Goods app comes to Android

An official Dick's Sporting Goods app has hit the Google Play Store. Dick's Sporting Goods is the largest U.S. sporting retailer, so it's great to see an app finally released. I know that when I have sports clothes to buy, I seek out a Dick's Sporting Goods, so I'm happy to be able to shop right from my Android device.

The app is well designed and offers a lot of functionality. If you shop at Dick's quite a bit, by now you're familiar with the ScoreCard, which is their rewards program. With the app, you can manage your rewards and track the points that you've accumulated. You can also scan your area for the nearest store to you, shop right from the app and view the weekly ad. You can also scan items to see what others are saying about them.

It's been a long time coming, but a Dick's Sporting Goods official app is finally available. The app is well designed too, so if you shop for sports gear often, definitely check out this app. 

  • "It's been a long time coming, but a Dick's Sporting Goods official app is finally available." No pun intended.
  • I like it. They built a Dick's right before I left for college in my hometown, so I never got to shop there much (college town didn't have one). I now live in South Florida and there are plenty of them here. I haven't played many sports in the last few years, due to my crazy work schedule, but I'd love to start again. I need a new putter, and thats probably where I'll start. :) Only issues I had with the app:
    Scorecard tab cuts off bottom list items. They need to implement ScrollView so the bottom list items can be selected.
    Selecting state from the list is a guess and check process as their text and background for their ListView is the same color. Not impossible to figure out, but it is a little annoying.
  • Based on my experience with high school jocks, Dick's is a perfect name for a sports store.
  • Dick's bought the company I worked for because they could not compete otherwise. The name is appropriate.
  • Dick is a terrible sports goods store, limited options, cheap clothing, bad pricing. Useless app.