MMS settings

In Germany, carrier Deutsche Telekom has turned off auto-retrieval of MMS on its network until the Stagefright exploit has been fully patched. We have already seen a number of carriers push out updates, and Google is updating its Nexus line as well, but Deutsche Telekom is taking a different approach. Instead of attempting to update every device in an attempt to prevent attacks, the carrier has disabled the MMS from being auto-retrieved on your phone. By doing this, the carrier doesn't allow any videos to automatically download on your phone.

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If you are sent a MMS, you will instead receive a SMS with a link to the video. The message will read "You have a new MMS. You can follow this link to download within 3 days (with credentials like number and passcode)." Deutsche Telekom still advises to use caution when downloading and opening these videos, as they could potentially still be harmful until the exploit is fully fixed. This method adds another layer of security from the carrier. Once the exploit has been patched, the carrier will resume MMS auto-retrieval.

Source: Telekom