Asus Zenwatch

Asus is holding a contest for designers to create new watch faces for the ZenWatch. But fear not if you're not handy with the paintbrush (or mouse/pen), as Asus will also be rewarding those who actively participate in the voting rounds with the chance to win some prizes too. What's at stake? Well, the Asus ZenWatch of course!

Designers who manage to top the following categories will be rewarded with the ZenWatch: Overall Gold Medal, Best Beauty in Design, Best Practical Design, Best Creative Design, Best Student Design Award, and Fan Favorite. The last category is decided by the community voting stage, while the former five are down to Asus staff.

Asus Zenwatch Contest

As noted above, if you're not up for designing new watch faces, you can also be in with the chance of winning a ZenWatch simply by actively participating in the contest by voting for your favorite design to win the Fan Favorite award. Three ZenWatch units will be available for voters. The contest closes on February 10 with voting taking place until February 28.

Perhaps you're simply interested in purchasing the ZenWatch? If so, check out our in-depth review of Asus' smartwatch. Check out the Asus contest website for more details.

Source: Asus