Design a theme for Cyanogen, win a phone

The recently-launched Cyanogen Theme Showcase is searching for more themes, and they're turning to the community in contest form to get things rolling. The "Themes Design Challenge" invites users to create and submit themes using the web-based Cyanogen Themes Studio. But why would you do this? You could merely because you want to, or you could because Cyanogen will have a panel of judges picking the three best submitted and awarding them prizes.

Okay, a few details:

  • The contest is open from now until 14 December 2014, 5PM Pacific Time.
  • The judges will evaluate on the criteria of creativity, uniqueness, artistic expression, visual effects, and completeness.
  • Winners will receive a prize pack of unspecified Cyanogen-branded gear and a choice of two unspecified smartphones.
  • Winners will be announced on December 18th.

For more information, go ahead and check out the source link and press release below.

Source: Cyanogen

Press release:

Cyanogen Inc. Launches Themes Design Challenge and Introduces Initial Release of Themes Studio

Contest invites content creators from around the world to submit themes to Themes Studio as Cyanogen gears for launch of new Themes app for Cyanogen OS

Cyanogen Inc. has just launched a Themes Design Challenge, inviting artists and content creators to submit original theme packs for the Cyanogen operating system, the OS that comes pre-installed on mobile devices. Participants can enter designs that customize nearly all components of the mobile user interface, including wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animations, and controls. Watch the new trailer featuring Themes by Cyanogen here, which high-lights the level of theming possible through Cyanogen's upcoming Themes app.

Participants can submit their designs via Cyanogen's initial release of Themes Studio, which today is an online tool to upload and publish themes content. Cyanogen is currently working on other features of the Themes Studio to make it easier for content creators to design and publish themes.

Qualified theme packs submitted to the Themes Design Challenge will be made available via the release of Cyanogen's new Themes app, which will come preloaded on select handset launches pre-installed with Cyanogen OS. The Themes app will have new features that make it easier for users to discover, select and install individual theme components for deep customization. The first release of the Themes app will come pre-loaded on the device from the new online brand 'YU' owned by YU Televentures, a wholly owned subsidiary of Micro-max. More details to follow in December.

The Themes Design Challenge ends on December 14th at 5PM Pacific Time. A panel of judges at Cyanogen Inc. will vote on the top three (3) winning entries based on key criteria: creativity and uniqueness of design, artistic expression and visual effects, and completeness of required design elements. Contest rules can be found at Winners will receive a prize pack comprised of Cyanogen branded gear and a device of their choice (from two device options) to be announced with the winners in December.

Participants should visit this page for detailed instructions on how to develop a theme and enter.

Derek Kessler

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