Dell Streak won't be certified for T-Mobile, will get Android 2.2 later this year

First, the good: Dell has confirmed that its 5-inch Streak mini-tablet will get Android 2.2 later this year through an over-the-air update. It will, however, still launch with Android 1.6. It will be available in black at launch, and in cherry red later.

Now, the not so good: Despite previous reports, it won't support T-Mobile's 3G network. In fact, Dell says the Streak "will not be certified for T-Mobile operation overall." That's not necessarily to say it won't work on EDGE, it's just that nobody will be responsible if you fry a few brain cells in the process.

Also, the presale window is still coming "this week." Accessories will be part of it, as will free next-day shipping and a 99-cent Plantronics Bluetooth headset. As soon as the presale goes live, we'll let you know. Oh, and Dell's made a video showing off the Streak, running Android 2.1, no less. Check it out after the break. [Dell (opens in new tab)] Thanks, wondercoolguy!

  • won't support T-Mobile's 4G network??
  • He meant 3g, but with no marketing this will be another Nexus One....
  • Seriously, could Dell have done a worse job in the "marketing" for this device?
  • If you are not going to do marketing atleast release a product that supports The big 4 so if someone hears from someone that they could just go buy the phone. None the less I am sad I was looking forward to this phone but TMO pricing rules and ATT sux
  • Dell has plenty of marketing. I get a ten page from them seemingly every week. Don't kid your self.
  • Good lord. Anything before or after 8 a.m. or 8 p.m. and I'm worthless. Fixed. :p
  • I wold laugh at anyone who would walk around with thing as a phone. That thing is huge. Looks bigger than the Archos5it. On the other hand damn its seems fast...
  • Out of morbid curiosity I still want to see if I can fit it in my jeans pocket but I do think using this as a phone held to my face will be awkward to say the least. Launching with 1.6 is simply a no-go though and I hate proprietary connectors.
  • Odd to launch such a capable device with only 1.6. Why not start it up-to-date. There's a fine line between a phone and a tablet, and this is it, because the Evo and X simply aren't big enough for some users.
  • I want to... I mean....I really want to. But I just don't get it. The f*ck is the deal with this thing?
  • lol, he mispronounced froyo.
  • Wow, they have managed to remove the elegance of the Android notification pull down window in Android 2.1 as well.
  • Edit: Double post.
  • If you throw this at someone you might possibly kill them. Seriously this thing is huge.
  • Mine just arrived this morning :D Even though its only 1.6 its running like a dream, in use the UI is quite sleek, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I would have much preferred Froyo, but I'm happy to wait. As for using it as my primary phone, I will be, and it doesn't feel that big for me. I am 6'3 and 300lbs though.
  • So if it doesnt run on Tmobile 3G bands, does it run on ATT?
  • Dell can shove it, I am very happy with the best Android device still made today, that's right folks the Nexus One on T-Mobile. It is just a world beater. Anyone who doesn't own one just doesn't understand. Mine is super fast, build quality is 2nd to none and the looks are a killer. No one makes a better phone. I think the 3.7 inch screen size is perfect for a phone. Before I forget the phone quality is stellar. Never dropped a call, never.
  • sorry to break it to you bro, but ANYTHING on T Mobile will never be superior. Also you call it "the best Android device still made" perhaps you have not been paying attention to Android news. If you were you would know that it is in fact not in production anymore ( in the US ). I own one but I have other phones that are better now. Don't get me wrong the N1 is going to go down in the books as one of the best Android phones to be released but it's just not no more. I also think it's a total shame that they would not make a Nexus 2 that really let me down. Oh and another thing, there is without a doubt that the N1 is FAR SUPERIOR to this stupid brick.
  • "will get Android 2.2 by the end of the year"... Where have I heard that before? Let's see, that makes the lag from Google release to handset release what, about 9 months? Oh if I only had a dollar for every time I heard an Android switcher say "oh the releases are SOO much faster than with [blackberry|iphone|pre]"...
  • This is Horrible!!!! Im with Tmo and I wont wast my money on anything with less than a 5" screen from now on. Well I had the money ready to go. Way to go Dell screw yourself out of another sale. Ohh well I guess ill be waiting another 6 months for someone else to release a 5" android phone.
  • Why does anyone bother selling new Android hardware unless it it 2.1?
  • Because some people need a 5" screen because they are not little people like most, and need a device that fits thier hands/needs.