Dell Mini 3iX Pops Up in Brazil Without Android Market

We honestly don't know how to feel towards the Dell Mini 3i Android Phone aka the Dellphone. On one hand, we feel like it's an exciting device considering the hardware looks great in most angles, it has a friendly UI, and is made by one of the biggest PC manufacturers around. On the other, we feel like the Mini 3i (and 3iX) is destined to fail--Dell seems to be purposely stacking the odds against the Mini 3i.

How so? Well, it looks like the Brazilian bound Dell Mini 3iX won't come pre-loaded with Android Market, instead users will have to scrounge for apps and download directly from the source themselves. In this day and age of App Markets and App Stores, that just sounds so...troublesome. Maybe the carrier wants to load their own app store? Either way, it's backwards and we don't like it.

So though we still want a Dellphone to hit the states, we'd much rather prefer one with Android Market. What do you guys think? Anyone understand the move?

[zumo via engadget]

  • Nope!
  • Hey whats up folks... im from brazil and i've heard that the carriers are selling those android phones with their own apps. One carrier is set to drop an App store by 2010 ( Carrier TIM) , others carriers i dont know yet... im not buying from them... still waiting for the perfect android phone and 3G investiments around here... we already have 3G of course, but the state aint 100% supported.
  • Frustrating! I just got one Dell mini 3ix at Claro (operator) store in Brazil (March 2010) motivated by Android system, and I will return it tomorrow! Of course that this is not really easy to return it to the store like for you guys in US. There is not Google App, there is a lot of Claro useless icons/apps. There is not Android Market, and one really funny thing: there is an icon for YouTube but there is not Flash, and so, we can't see videos! And we can't install Flash! The really good option for Brazilians still by stuff in trips in US or ask for a friend to bring it. I good thing is go to Miami once a year to buy stuff you want, it is cheaper than by here. The carriers in Brazil do wherever they want, they don't really care about new technologies or clients. My advise is DO NOT BUY DELL CLARO ANDROID stuff in Brazil.