Dell developing 10-inch Android Tablet (Updated)

We're here at the "Dell Means Business" press conference and while the main focus is business and the marquee product here is the hint of a Windows 7 tablet, Dell also has a nice little entry in their list above that a "10 inch Android Tablet" is on the way. It'll come inside the largest consumer product lineup that Dell has ever launched - 39 products in all (naturally they're mostly talking about Windows 7 devices).

More as we can get it - stay tuned.

Update: They just talked up the benefits of the Windows 7 products for power business users and showed a prototype of the Windows 7 Tablet (not the Android Tablet) after the break.

In other words - we'll see if Dell tells us more about that single line on the above PowerPoint slide, since today is more focused on traditional PCs and Windows 7 devices. 

Dieter Bohn
  • Given the experience I had with. Dell made laptop and the ongoing troubles with the quality control in the Venue Pro I will have to pass on a Dell Tab.
  • Oh, I don't know, my 4.5 year old Dell laptop has never had a hiccup and it has lots of moving parts, had its OS upgraded twice, traveled all over the US. Utterly reliable. A tab with no moving parts should be pretty solid, even if the specs were less than you might hope for. I got no problem with any Dell laptop I've ever owned. Unlike the POJ Sony stuff.
  • Dell Streak 10
  • With Android 2.2 and Stage UI. No, thanks.
  • Dell should definitely change that stupid "Streak" name, every time I hear it, it reminds me of know, streak, crap, get it?... But then again, considering how crappy Dell Streak 5 & 7, the name fits them.
  • As a current dell streak owner I would have to advise others to avoid dell until they show more focus on android. Currently Android is just an item on their list and it's far from the top of their priorities. If Dell wanted I'm sure they could really be a big player in the android market but right now they are just another company in the list of mediocre android devices. Dont get me wrong, I love the streak (and the community involved in making the streak better) but there are just other companies that are better to put your money toward that actually care about their devices and making android the best mobile os.
  • dell streak 2 with dual core processor plus 5" screen would be amazing!
  • Of course, windows 7 on a tablet is nice. But you get the battery life of at most a netbook. Imho that will never be acceptible for a tablet.
  • I can't wait for this I want a windows7 tab more the a android. You can do more with it