Dell developing 10-inch Android Tablet (Updated)

We're here at the "Dell Means Business" press conference and while the main focus is business and the marquee product here is the hint of a Windows 7 tablet, Dell also has a nice little entry in their list above that a "10 inch Android Tablet" is on the way. It'll come inside the largest consumer product lineup that Dell has ever launched - 39 products in all (naturally they're mostly talking about Windows 7 devices).

More as we can get it - stay tuned.

Update: They just talked up the benefits of the Windows 7 products for power business users and showed a prototype of the Windows 7 Tablet (not the Android Tablet) after the break.

In other words - we'll see if Dell tells us more about that single line on the above PowerPoint slide, since today is more focused on traditional PCs and Windows 7 devices. 

Dieter Bohn