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Delete a bookmarkChange you mind about keeping a website in your browser's favorites?  Or maybe you want to delete the stock bookmarks and replace them with something that fits you better. It's a piece of cake.

  1. Open the browser
  2. Tap menu, then bookmarks
  3. Depending on your flavor of Android, either press menu and delete, or long press on the bookmark itself and choose delete
  4. Poof. It's gone.

This is permanent, so make sure you really want to delete it, and that you've chosen the right bookmark.

This also will erase the bookmark from the HTC Sense UI bookmark widget, so keep that in mind as well.

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Reader comments

Delete a bookmark


I wish there were some way to delete all of the bookmarks that come with the phone, every time I switch ROMs I have to delete all those bookmarks.

I wish you could sync bookmarks like chrome. Makes no sense to NOT be able to, considering you sign into your Google account for everything else on the phone.

Thanks for the tip Phil (assuming you are the author of course). Being a new Android user I find these Android 101 posts very useful. I do want to add that it only seems to work for user defined bookmarks though, unless there is something I'm missing. At any rate please keep them coming! :)

It's nice to supply these old school tips for those new to Android.

However, I'm still waiting for Android 201 tips for us more advanced users, like how to make your phone sprout legs and shoot lasers for instance.

Newbie here saying thanks for the info. Just registered yesterday, only have the phone for 1 week. Looking forward to learning more.

Hi guys I am new to this site and I just got me 2 evos, took me like 3 weeks to get it, and since I am trying to learn how to use this high speed cell phone, my old ones were BB curve 8900, and your tips have HELP ME A LOT!!! this manual that comes with evo does not help you much, SO I WANTED TO THANK YOU ALL for posting this VERY HELPFUL tips, some tips might be closer to the solutions, but it does help and THANK YOU A LOT!

Hi. I have the Galaxy S 4G. This is my first smart phone.

The above tip doesn't seem to work with this phone. There is no "delete" option for bookmarks. The only options that I can find are
1. Bookmark last-viewed page, 2. Thumbnail view 3. Create folder.

Does anyone know how to delete bookmarks on the Galaxy S 4G? I'm on T-mobile. Thanks

after a million tries, i really wish you mentioned that this only works for user-added bookmarks! those comes with the phone do not have an option to delete. at least on my LG P500