Anyone interested in an affordable unlimited data plan and top-notch nationwide coverage should check out the latest offer from ROK Mobile.

Currently, you can bring your own CDMA-compatible phone to ROK Mobile and pay just $50 a month for unlimited talk, text & data on the "nation's most reliable network" (AKA Verizon's network). The $50 deal is $25 a month cheaper than Verizon's $75 Unlimited plan. Plus, with the ROK unlimited data plan, you'll even get roadside assistance included free of charge.

ROK vs. Major Carriers

Unlimited talk & text & high-speed LTE data, speeds may temporarily slow down at 20GB only during times of high network traffic.

  • This soft speed limit known as data deprioritization is common across carriers: Sprint's is 23GB, AT&T/Verizon's 22GB and T-Mobile's 50GB

Video streaming in SD (standard def) 480p with the option of turning 'data stretcher' feature off for higher streaming speeds.

  • Only Sprint's Unlimited data plan offers HD video streaming. T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon's base Unlimited plans have SD streaming.

Access to 30 million WiFi hotspots via MyROK App

  • This is not tethering, but the option to use more WiFi access points. ROK does not offer tethering (mobile hotspots)
  • Sprint's the only carrier to offer 10GB of high-speed mobile hotspot as part of its plan. AT&T's base plan offers no hotspots. Verizon and T-Mobile offer unlimited hotspots at 3G speeds.

No contracts or credit checks required

  • Most of the carriers no longer offer service contracts and most of the prepaid carriers don't run credit checks or have contracts due to the fact that phones and services are paid for upfront.

Roadside assistance

  • This is a unique feature to ROK and could save you the cost of an annual membership for a typical motor club.

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