Dawn of Gods

Aeria Games has launched a new free-to-play title on Android-powered mobile devices. Dawn of Gods is a new strategy title that puts you in command of your own base, which you'll need to build up and fortify, all whilst planning your own raids with conjured armies. As well as mere mortals, you'll have 150 mythical Gods to summon, who will gladly unleash their power and crush your opponents.

"Combining the tactics of a base-building game with the addictiveness of a card battle game, Dawn of Gods reaches an unparalleled level of depth in the mobile strategy genre. Over 150 Gods from Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology are waiting to be summoned, including legendary figures like Zeus, Odin, Isis, and many more. Each God has a unique skill that they can use on the battlefield, and they can level up and grow stronger from experience. Lesser Gods can also be sacrificed to improve stronger ones, or even be reborn into more powerful forms!"

Excited? You should be, Gods and armies can be deployed in six different battle modes, including competitive PvP raiding, single-player conquest, among others. In the end, it's another freemium game, so if you're not a massive fan of Clash of Clans and the like then Dawn of Gods may not be up your street. That said, give the game a download and let us know your impressions in the comments.