Dauntless for PlayStation 4: Top tips and tricks to help you get ahead

Fighting Behemoths more difficult than you anticipated? We've got a few tips and tricks to help you conquer any monsters you come across along the Shattered Isles. Just remember to go in prepared and you and your team should make quick work. And don't worry if you do fail a mission, because there aren't any penalties.

Dodge cancel to keep actions charged

If you've got an action charged and ready to go, like a Hammer's concussive shot or the War Pike's blast, and the Behemoth moves out of your line of shot, you can actually save the charge without wasting the bullets by dodge canceling out of the attack. Any time before the blast is set to go off, just press circle button on your DualShock 4 controller and dodge in any direction.

This isn't something that the game tells you that you can do—and there's no telling if Phoenix Labs will patch this out—but it's incredibly useful considering how quickly Behemoth's move.

Use your combos

Each weapon type has a specific set of combos along with it. While it's easy to just button mash your heavy and light attacks and hope for the best, these combos are your best chance at defeating a Behemoth.

You can find the combos for your current weapon equipped in the Move List section of the menu. The combos are usually fairly simple as they only involve the triangle and square buttons, but you'll need to practice how and when to press them as certain buttons will need to be held or tapped repeatedly for you to perform the combo correctly.

Equip cells to your weapons and armor

Cells are items that grant special bonuses to whichever piece of armor or weapon they are attached to. Much of the time you can obtain these through Cores, which can be earned by leveling up. Depending on their rarity, they can provide some pretty impressive buffs to your gear. It's easy to overlook them if you don't know where they are, so you can view your Cells in your Loadout page before you go to equip them.

Cells come in five different categories: Power, Defense, Mobility, Technique, and Utility. As their names suggest, the buffs for each corresponded to whichever category they fall into. Power cells can increase damage, while mobility can increase your stamina.

Only revive yourself when necessary

If you get downed during a fight you can self-revive up to three times, but it's best to only do this when absolutely necessary. Unless the Danger Meter is at 100%, try to wait until a teammate revives you.

This is because players can no longer revive teammates once the Danger Meter hits maximum, but they can still self-revive. If you've used up all of your self-revives beforehand, then you're out of luck until the Danger Meter falls below 100% or your entire team is downed and you lose the fight.

Complete Daily Patrols for bonus rewards

Daily Patrols offer bonus rewards that you shouldn't miss out on. Patrols already offer more loot and rewards than a normal Pursuit does, and doing a certain amount of them will nab you extra rewards like orbs that are used for upgrading your gear.

Collect Deathmarks in Ramsgate

Deathmarks are collectible items that can be found around Ramsgate. There are ten to be found every day in random locations around the hub, and they can be identified by a shimmering red kunai and flag. These collectibles tie into the game's Hunt Pass, which will reward you with special items every time you gain enough experience and level up. Don't confuse this with the Elite Hunt Pass, which offers even better rewards.

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