Dashlane 6 now available with VPN, credit monitoring, and more

Password managers are essential tools in mid-2018, and one of the most popular — Dashlane — is now getting its big version 6 update. You'll still be able to generate and store secure passwords with Dashlane 6 like you've done before, but instead of focusing solely on passwords, you'll now have access to a heap of tools to keep your digital presence as safe and secure as can be.

Upon opening Dashlane 6, you'll see the all-new Identity Dashboard. Here, users can view their Password Health Score with a breakdown of what's affecting it, Dark Web monitoring data, security alerts, and more.

Dashlane 6 also brings real-time credit monitoring, up to $1 million in coverage for identity theft insurance, and a full-fledged VPN to keep your online activity secret when using a public Wi-Fi network.

If you're interested in checking this out for yourself, Dashlane 6 still has a free plan that lets you store up to 50 passwords and use Dashlane on one device. You can then upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus for $4.99/month or $9.99/month, respectively. No matter which of the paid plans you choose, each one is billed annually.

This pricing makes Dashlane one of the more expensive options compared to LastPass and 1Password, but considering all of the new features beyond password management that you now get, it sounds well worth the cost.

Do you think you'll sign up for Dashlane 6?

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Joe Maring

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