Odds are that you have a bunch of expensive tech gear at home that you charge daily, but did you know that all it takes is one surge of power to knock it out? There's nothing worse than the uncertainty of that each time you're charging, but today you can change that. CyberPower has a selection of its surge protectors and UPS on sale on sale by as much as 58% today, which brings prices down to as low as just $9. The most basic model has three AC outlets and two USB ports that are safe against 600 Joules of surge protection.

Extra safety

CyberPower Surge Protectors

Whether you're looking to just keep your favorite electronics protected, or need a battery backup in case a storm knocks out your power, today's the day to buy one. These well-rated options are heavily discounted, and pricing starts at just $9.

Up to 58% Off

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If you need something with a bit more protection, for $10.49 you can grab this option which has six AC ports and two USB ports. It offers 1200 Joules of protection, which is double the other, and the plugs can even swivel. This makes it easier to plug in some of your home theater and other charging gear that has bigger plugs. There are indicators to quickly notify you whether it's working and protecting your gear properly or if there is an issue.

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Battery backups, or UPS, are great for areas where the power goes out frequently, or if you really just want the added protection for all of your devices to be able to shut down safely. Today, you can get the 1350VA/815W CyberPower UPS for just $99.99, which is about $56 less than it normally sells for. It has 10 AC outlets on the back, 1500 Joules of protection, and can keep your gear powered up for an extra 14 minutes after the power is lost. That's more than enough time to safely shut everything down and get all your documents saved so you don't lose them.

All of these prices are good for today only, so don't miss out.

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