PopSockets is proud of its product, and while the more generic colors and designs may see occasional deals, the PopCulture cuteness featuring Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and only see discounts during sitewide sales like Cyber Monday. There's thousands of PopGrips to sift through on PopSockets.com, but we've got the cutest and the coolest of the PopCulture for you to grab before this Cyber Monday deal ends.

I can't handle the cute: Baby Yoda Pod

We might not be getting plushies for "The Child" until next year, but at least we can have him peeking out of his pod on the back of our phones everyday, forever capturing the undeniable adorability.

$12 at PopSockets

Target found: Arvala-7

This isn't quite the exact shot from the end of Chapter 1, but you know what? I'm perfectly fine with that since this shot is easier to make out, and the blue monochromatic color scheme with the moon overhead is just beautiful.

$12 at PopSockets

This is the way: The Mandalorian

If you want some Mandalorian love on your phone but don't want to get something "too cute", this simple design with the Mandalorian's helmet should be a perfect fit for you.

$12 at PopSockets

Show yourself: Frozen II Elsa

If you haven't seen the new Frozen movie yet, what are you waiting for?! If you have, grab yourself this PopSocket and try not to cry when that song comes on. You know the one I mean.

$12 at PopSockets

Ohana means family: Stitch

Stitch is adorable and cuddly and ever so slightly crazy, which is why he's probably one of the most popular Disney characters of the 21st century. Whether you want to cuddle him or blow things up with him, he's here for it.

$12 at PopSockets

Yoo hoo!: Peekaboo Minnie

It doesn't get any more classic than Minnie Mouse, with that cute red bow and that kind smile. There are holiday PopSockets of Minnie, Mickey and the gang, but this one works all year long.

$12 at PopSockets

Ready for wisecracks: Spider-Man Icon

Spider-Man is one of my favorite superheroes because he knows how insane his life is and isn't afraid to crack jokes about it. If quips and one-liners are your favorite, grab a PopGrip of your firendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

$12 at PopSockets

Avengers, assemble!: Captain America

Cap's shield is one of the most powerful symbols in pop culture today, and it's worth rocking on your phone to remind yourself to follow in Captain America's footsteps and do what's right.

$12 at PopSockets

Symbols of power: Deathly Hallows

The Deathly Hallows symbolizes three of the most powerful artifacts from the Harry Potter Series, and while you can find cases plastered with the symbol for popular phones, this PopSocket lets you add it to any phone.

$12 at PopSockets

I'm personally partial to Arvala-7 for the imagery of the Mandalorian reaching out to Baby Yoda and that lovely blue background, but the Frozen II Elsa artwork is breathtaking. The best part? This year, all of the PopCulture Popsockets are swappable — last year most of them were still classic non-swappable grips — so you can grab 3-5 PopSockets and just swap them out as needed. You can wear Elsa Wednesdays to choir practice and Baby Yoda on Fridays as you hype yourself up for a new episode!

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