CM Privacy Guard 2.0 UI

The latest versions of CyanogenMod 10.2 will include new improvements to the Privacy Guard app, giving you better control over apps and their permissions. CM's Privacy Guard app lets users manage which apps have access to which permissions in the system, not only surfacing exactly what apps are doing but giving you control of what information you share voluntarily.

With the move to Privacy Guard 2.0, CM is integrating something called "AppOps" which Google introduced with Android 4.3. AppOps gives the system the ability to revoke permissions and return empty data sets when permissions are denied for an app. The new Privacy Guard with AppOps will let you simply toggle off individual permissions for location, reading contacts, SMS/MMS and more.

You'll also now receive notifications when using an app that has permissions blocked, as well as several other good UI tweaks to make the accessing of permissions a little easier. The new improvements to Privacy Guard 2.0 were added to CM 10.2 last night, and will be available for those builds going forward.

Source: +CyanogenMod