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The CyanogenMod team has just added HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera functionality for almost all devices running CM10.1 builds. The HDR mode has been enabled on most devices, and captures and processes images similarly to the way the Nexus 4 does with its stock software. The camera takes three images -- one under exposed, neutral exposed and over exposed -- and processes them together to make an image that usually "pops" a bit more. The functionality will be baked in and ready to use for anyone that has the stock CM camera app installed.

There are a few caveats, however. Because CyanogenMod supports so many devices with varying levels of cameras (sizes, qualities, processors), the process may not work as well on certain devices. The team recommends that users use a tripod or some sort of stabilization -- good rules for any photographer -- for the best results. If you have a newer device with a "zero shutter lag" camera, you should see pretty good results. 

Source: CyanogenMod (Google+)