Creating an Android replacement without accessing Google Services is something that not many are sure can happen, but that isn't stopping the Cyanogen team from trying. We have already seen Qualcomm partner with Cyanogen and Microsoft apparently invest in them but it was still a mystery as to how they planned to replace the built in Google Services that many of us rely on heavily.

Earlier today Boxer announced that they have partnered with Cyanogen to bring a top notch email experience, and it will be available with the release of Cyanogen OS 12. This partnership will bring the premium version of Boxer along with a new Material Design that will only be found in Cyanogen OS 12.

"The level of customization with the Boxer-powered Email app gives users more choice and customization features when it comes to managing their email, tasks, and host of productivity features. Our partnership with Boxer brings a number of enhanced inbox features that our users will find very compelling." – David Herman, VP of Product, Cyanogen Inc.

This update will be available in the coming weeks for the OnePlus One as well as the Micromax Yureka so be sure to stay tuned for further developments.

Source: Boxer