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One of the most personal things about your phone is what ringtone (and with Android) what notification sound you have. Using a program called RingDroid, it is possible to create custom ringtones and notification sounds from music you already own directly on your Android phone. Follow these steps and you will be rocking in no time:

  1. Download RingDroid from the Market (Market | AppBrain).
  2. Start the app and either scroll to find a song or search for it and click on it.
  3. You will see the editing screen (as above). Here you will want to drag the start/stop markers and make a clip under 30 seconds (ringtone) or just a few seconds (notification).
  4. When you are satisfied, hit Menu > Save or the little file icon in the bottom row.
  5. Now you will select what type you are making. Choose between ringtone, notification, alarm, or music. Also, you can create a custom name.
  6. Hit "save" and it will ask you if you want to make your song the default ringtone/notification/alarm. If you choose no, you can always go back into your notification or ringtone selector under Menu > Settings > Sounds & display and select what you want. 

RingDroid is a great piece of software, and should work with any non-DRMed music file. Once created, the clips will be stored in sdcard/media/audio and can be accessed directly with Astro or by mounting your SD card onto your computer. 

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Custom ringtones and notifications


This is cool, but does it (or any similiar apps) allow you to put a pause before the clip, so you can emulate the Vibrate then Ring feature?

There isn't a single rungtone on my phone that is a song clip, and I can't think of anything more annoying than snippets of (usually horrible) music used as ringtones blasting out at the most inappropriate moment.

Bah Humbug!

One of my friends figured out how to make the rooster from the alarm app his ringtone/

Thats more annoying than any sound clip

Hi, I'm new to android and i know this is out of topic. How do i get swype keyboard on my new EVO 4G? I have seached the market but i just cant find it. Or maybe it is not available yet for the EVO? Please help.

Can anyone recommend a program to allow custom SMS tones based on contact? I have a lot of people I text and it'd be nice to get a custom SMS tone so I know whose texting me and if I need to go check it...

Handcent SMS lets you completely customize both the overall SMS alert (down to the vibration sequence) as well as individual alerts per contact.

The problem I had with this was that it would screw up my ringtones I got from other apps! I had to uninstall it to get my ringtones working right

big thx to android central!!! I sure made this harder than it was! And thx for giving a step-by-step for me as android newbie!!!

This is exactly what I'm looking for answers for also, but with a twist! I bought my Samsung Mesmerize and hubby's (identical phones) the same night. His shows the option to save a ringtone to a specific contact, mine does not. Therefore, I don't have a problem with it defaulting back to my default ringtone, I can't even get to a point to assign a specific one to any of my contacts! UGHHH



I'm new here and to the Droid world! I'm wondering if anyone has had issues with their custom ringtones? I am trying to set custom ringtones for my contacts. I go into the contact, hit edit, scroll down to ringtone, choose the tone I want and hit save. When I go back to the contact, the tone has not saved. It reverts back to the 'default' ringtone.

This is really frustrating! Hoping someone can help me out with this.

Thanks in advance!
Sprint Epic 4G

ok, so I download the Ringdroid app and I can only make some of the ring toned into notifications. What am I doing wrong.....?