Turn your own uploaded photo spheres into an interactive map you can share with anyone

There is no Street View of Sleepy Creek Lake in eastern West Virginia. Shame, because it's really a beautiful place. Up until today, I could say it was because Google just hasn't made it 30 miles into the back country along Jeep trails and dirt roads to get the imagery. If you've been there, you wouldn't blame them.

But with today's news, the onus is on me to make some Street Views for my old fishing hole, as well as any other place I like to go — all using my own pictures and photo spheres. It's a new feature in Google's mapping Views community, where users have been able to upload and share their own photo spheres for a while.

Today's update brings a new tool that allows you to stitch your photo spheres together, and build your own interactive map. It really is just like Street View — the same drag handles and panning gestures are there, and clicking that far off point at the edge of the view zooms you right over. It impressed me, and it will probably impress you.

The full instructions to get started, post your photo spheres, publish them and share them are listed at the source link. The next time you're visiting somewhere that needs to be shared, think about using this method to share it.

Source: Google