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CPSC issues second Galaxy Note 7 recall — 23 new fires involving replacement Notes

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a second recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, affecting both old and new replacement models. Significantly, the CPSC statement now tells us exactly how many battery fire reports have been reported in the new Note 7 with the green battery icon.

From the CPSC statement (emphasis ours):

Samsung has received 96 reports of batteries in Note7 phones overheating in the U.S., including 23 new reports since the September 15 recall announcement. Samsung has received 13 reports of burns and 47 reports of property damage associated with Note7 phones.

In line with Samsung's guidance, the CPSC says customers should immediately power off their phones and return them for a refund or a (different) replacement device. While Samsung had already canceled the Note 7, the official recall of replacement Notes is an important legal step — for instance, it's illegal to sell a recalled product, and one may not be taken aboard an airplane in the U.S. at all, in any capacity.

It's the latest development in a what's been a dire couple of months for Samsung, with the Note 7 fiasco damaging its brand, eroding consumer trust and knocking billions off its market value. If you've still got a Note 7, return it and get one of these great Android phones instead.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • It couldn't happened to a nicer Company and its fanboys.
  • OK, that's uncalled for.
  • Seriously.
    Also very rude.
  • Mama Noooo!
  • What do you use?
  • Twit.
  • I'm not a Samsung fan but your attitude is rude and you haven't thought it though. For a lot of people Android = Samsung and that alone makes this a crappy situation. If there is no standard bearer then those folks will flip. And I really don't want to see a situation like with Windows a few years ago where most use one manufacturer and most support just one. You really don't understand that every other Android phone manufacturer has been given the opportunities to succeed because of the spotlight (pre-note7) that Samsung shined on Android and if they fail then it has consequences for the whole ecosystem. You may not believe this but that's OK. And I say this as a long time Nexus guy.
  • This. Samsung is the only Android vendor that can realistically compete with Apple.
  • Yeah bec they try to mimic their phones design like Apple! Posted via Android Central App
  • Now now, play nice.....
  • This is what happens when you become a cheapskate and don't get an iPhone
  • I wouldn't consider an $850+ phone to be "cheap"
  • Maths isn't your strong suit, I'm guessing.
  • $864 note 7, $870 128 GB iPhone 7 plus ... Wow it is cheaper!
  • $864 64 gb note 7, $870 128 gb iPhone 7.......yeah, that's a pretty even comparison.smh
  • Seems like I read somewhere that several iPhone 6S's blew up within the last couple weeks.
  • Within the last week and a half, an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and two iPhone 6 Plus's have exploded.
  • And the iPhones noted in the BGR article are the U.S. phones that went boom. I've read elsewhere that it's been 12+ that have popped in the first week of Oct. worldwide. We count all Note 7's on the planet so we might as well count the iPhones the same way.
  • Sorry didn't mean to hit the report button. I actually agree with you 100%. How come Apple is going through the same scrutiny as Samsung? Can someone explain that?
  • The Apple Reality Distortion Field. Even when they are the worst somehow they are somehow still the best. The supper fanboys defend them to the death.
  • Wow. I'm very disappointed to read a comment of this nature on this. Seriously?
  • Don't mind him he had one of those ideas that sound great on mind but terrible on writing.
  • IPhones are cheap!!!
  • Keyboard warriors, anonymous heros, online bullies. Same name. Classy. Keep the human race strong!
  • I did a jump from an s7 edge to a n7 at t-mobile and when the recall happened again they expected me to upgrade back to a phone interview previously already had before .... definitely didn't let that slide.
  • I always wondered how idiots get these jobs.
  • Papa dont preach
    I have made up my mind
    Im keeping my Note 7 baby :)))))
  • I'm keeping mine to. Not going to downgrade to anything else in the market right now.
  • Please stay away from everyone.
  • I'm sure you both used a phone prior to the 7....I hope they blow up while you're talking on it and it burns your face before they issue the kill switch
  • Why r u so hateful?
  • Wow, that escalated quickly...
  • I'll be honest, if I had one I'd be tempted to keep it in a non-powered state just for the rarity it'd be. That'd be something to sell to an enthusiast collector or a museum at some point in the future I'm sure. To keep using it though? Heck no. That's an accident waiting to happen. Lock that thing away in a fireproof safe and check it every once in a while to make sure it didn't immolate itself.
  • It would be illegal to sell anyway at least for the next several decades I would imagine lol. Posted from my unlocked S7 Active/ matte black iPhone 7/ peerless Note 4/ or iPad Pro 12.9
  • Unless the phone has literally never been charged you are still in danger of a chemical explosion even if it's off and the battery is 'dead'.
  • Me too
  • What an idiot. I hope you realize that if you're thinking of suing if your phone explodes, the fact that it's recalled means you will be 100% liable and can't sue.
  • Warped priorities.
  • Just know when it explodes your insurance will cover nothing and you will get no compensation from Samsung. But by all means, be stupid.
  • I was thinking about keeping mines too. However, I do travel, so I won't be able to take it on a plane. And the bigger problem is, you can just forget about any updates or support. Now I'll have to get a S7edge. It's the closet thing to the Note 7.
  • I believe you can take it on the plane still. I read the FAA bulliten and it said nothing about not allowing it to be carried on a plane. Just said it has to be powered down etc. Updated for recalled units too.
  • Good lord. Does it get any worse for Samsung? Every plane emphasizing that your product is dangerous garbage!
  • You're in trouble deep.
  • My guess is the carriers will block these phones as they do stolen phones. Once, that happens they will make nice display pieces.
  • You ought to get it returned anyway. Since the phone will probably be crippled with mandatory updates in the future. Remember the 60% battery charge update? There might be a bigger one coming.
  • I could see Samsung having to do something extreme to deal with a few Samsung D13H4RDs (pun intended!) who refuse to power down and return devices..
  • I'll deflect for a second and say that a positive lesson can be learned from this fiasco. It pays to be consistently successful and profitable. Since Samsung has been doing well financially, they were able to commit resources to handling all phases of the recall process. Sure this will hurt their profits, but they can still comfortably afford to sustain operations. Had this happened to a smaller company (i.e., HTC), they would have surely been wiped out financially by something like this. My opinion of course.
  • Doesn't hurt to have a few billion in profits from TVs, washing machines, construction equipment, etc.
  • I agree. Samsung is a huge company. Even has a large shipping fleet. Phones are part of the product mix, but so are air conditioners, washer, driers, etc.
  • It doesn't mention that Samsung is also making devices purchased used as also part of the exchange/refund process. Finally!
  • Official recall talks about lithium ion batteries rather than lithium polymer. That's an error, right?
  • 2.5 million note 7s sold. 1% is 25k. So 96 phones are defective equals .0000384%
  • That doesn't mitigate the risk that ANY individual Note 7 from that product line has the potential to explode, burn, or release harmful gases.
  • Do you play the lottery? Im going to guess you don't participate and play the lottery very often because the odds are so low. I'm not participating in the recall because the odds are so low.
    People are really crazy. I compare it to someone realizing there is a risk of getting run over walking across the street. Then the crazy people will say don't walk across the street because even though the risk is low it's there! Lol. Shut up crazy people!
  • Do you not care that Samsung and your carrier is going to remotely brick the phone shortly? Do you really think they are going to allow combustible phones to stay in the marketplace? LOL.
  • I posted in other thread getting hit by lightning odds are 1 in 174,426. Stay safe.
  • I understand your point of view. It's a tiny risk, but it's still a risk. I'll watch out for that lightning ;-)
  • There is a risk in everything in life.
  • There were less than 500k in the wild in the US. The 96 are in the US and not inclusive of all reports.
  • Actually there's a million sold in the states only 500 k where replacements and we don't know how many if the claims are fraudulent I'm guessing maybe half
  • There were slightly less than a million SHIPPED to the US. Less than half made it into the hands of consumers. Most of those went back, and 300k replacements were SHIPPED to the US. Less than half made it into the hands of consumers. So maximum number of individual devices is 650k, but Samsung never said how MUCH less than half. As for the half are fraudulent thing... yeah, go with that. lol
  • With all due respect, that is a "so far" number. As the components inside the battery age from consistent use, they will weaken and there is no telling how much the numbers will jump. I post this as a Note 7 owner who hasn't returned his "safe" Note 7 yet. I am hoping to hold on until Sunday, when the new Best Buy deals come out. I will probably bounce back to the S7 Edge (which I had as a loaner during the first recall) and am hoping to catch a good promotion for activation. Even if there is nothing new come Sunday, though, my Note 7 will be going back. just not worth the risk.
  • They aren't going to charge you an activation to charge phones like this. Samsung is eating all costs including price differences on their own devices.
  • Reread what I wrote. I am not concerned about an activation fee. I am just holding onto my Note until Sunday, when they announce the new weekly promotions at Best Buy. If they have a gift card with activation on the Edge S7 I want it. Right now the deal is you get a 32 inch TV, which I have no use for.
  • I know what you wrote. They aren't going to give you the current freebies on an exchange.
  • That is untrue. I received $150 when I traded in the first Note for an S7 Edge (didn't even ask, they just gave). Take a look at the fine print, the gift card comes from the activation of the phone, not payment for it.
  • And this comes from the artist formerly known as Phillip Pugh, the new Richard Yarrell!
  • Well that's .0000384 people that have a burned phone. Or hand. Or carpet.....
  • Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket if both my note 7s catch fire.
  • Lol!! Seriously!
  • The statement quoted doesn't say the 23 new reports involved replacement devices only. Adjust the article title?
  • I noticed that too. The new reports could be from version 1 devices. It doesn't specify the 23 new reports are from version 2 note7's.
  • That's problem with this whole thing, we don't have accurate information about the replacement units. I'm sure most of those incidents came from version 1 N7s. I actually have a buddy who's still using his because Verizon never mailed his replacement out.
  • Samsung is discontinuing this device, how is that not enough to tell you that there is a serious issue??? Jesus Christ people. Stay away from others if you're gonna be that hard headed.
  • Shut up
  • I love all the here replace it with this piece of crap articles. No thanks i will just keep it. Even if they do issue an update that limits battery to 60 our 80 last i heard it will outlay my note 4.
  • Until the IMEI gets blocked, and Samsung remotely disables the device completely.
  • That's a possibility but more than likely they will not do that. I am paying for the device I can choose to ignore the recall if I want to. Any other phone now is a downgrade. If the dank thing blows up I will know I was wrong, but I think it would have happened if it was going to
  • Uh, the situation is different than just a recall. Multiple channels getting involved with it. If you don't think that Samsung is going to eventually IMEI block them from working on the network eventually they are. It's just a matter of time.
  • Don't forget, there dropping support also. Updates, ect?
  • How is that different futon my note 4 they don't update it now
  • Good luck trying to sue if your phone explodes. You won't be able to since it's recalled; you are 100% liable. Idiot.
  • What a fool lol "if it was Gonna happen it would happen already " as more incidents get reported I expect hospitals places of business etc. Banning this phone, I'm just taken aback at how slow so many humans are fighting to keep a dangerous product as if the note 7 was the second coming of white jezzus..."I don't want to downgrade etc" ummmm....the note was released aug ...cancelled in oct.....unless you are 11yrs old and the note 7 was your first managed just fine before using the phone.....again to all the people refusing to exchange their product for something else...I sincerely hope it catches fire to your face while you use it, it's crazy now you have to worry about fools keeping their note 7...out in public endangering innocent people. Just foolish. Samsung will be forced to detonate those rogue devices from stupid users who just want to be difficult
  • Sure I could go back to using my note 4 and be just fine, I would be out the money I aleady paid on the note 7 because sprint would tell me they will credit my card and it will never happen just like it didn't happen the first time. I could also go back to standard TV cassette tapes etc it doesn't mean I want to. And you wishing for I'll on people you are a real classy piece of garbage aren't you. Just remember karma is a notch
  • Karma is a notch? Like on a bed post or something??
  • I meant ***** damn auto correct
  • The Note 7 is perhaps the greatest phone in history!
  • The manufacturing company is asking you to return/replace their defective product and you're going against them. And, in essence, you're waiting for it to explode wherever you may be (i.e. in public, near children, making you a danger to others). How stupid are you?
  • What's 100/2500000?
  • I agree you're going to have to pry this from my hands for me to give it up. I NEVER will!
  • Sprint never refunded my money on the first one or have me three 25 dollar Samsung credit why would i take back a second for them to screw me on
  • This isn't confusing at all. Are you saying you bought one, returned it without receiving a credit, then bought a second one? Smooth move.
  • I took the first one back to the store for a simple exchange, the manager told me that had to do a return and charge me for a second phone that I would receive a credit on my card in 3 to 5 bushes days, the credit never came through and I have been fighting with customer service since September 20 and getting a different excuse every time I call or I'm.
  • Call your credit card company and dispute the charge. May take a month but it will be taken care of.
  • Did, but who wants to go through that crap, my phone works fine in not doing this twice
  • I just purchased a Note 5 and powered down my replacement Note 7. There was something wrong with both my Note 7's. This note 5 is way faster and smoother. There was tonnes of lag and jitters with both the 7's. I never should have purchased the 7 in the first place, I'll wait and wait until something truly exciting comes to market.
  • It isn't going to be that far once you start filling up the limited storage. But good bless you have fun with it, the storage slot is why I skipped the note 5 in the first place
  • "Limited storage" has options. Nothing different than a Iphone. They still run like a champ.
  • I returned both my note 7s and went back to my exynos 64gb note 5.....and I have like 40gb still free and my phone is faster than my 7s
  • Note 5 sucks!
  • The limited storage does such on the 5, but he's right about the jitters and lags. I had it too on both of my Note 7s.
  • THANK YOU. I had the exact same experience. Both Note 7 had mad jitters and lags. There was something cursed about the Note 7. The 5 was WAY smoother. Seriously.
  • The title is misleading - the 23 new fires aren't tied to replacement notes. They were after the announcement of the recall, but could still be old phones.
  • Figures, my first Android experience had to be botched.
  • Please don't make it your last Android experience. This is the first time for this type of recall for any phone owner, regardless of manufacturer or Operating system.
  • The thing here is it's now illegal in the US to sell on or carry one on a plane. Will it be illegal to own one I don't know, but for those keepers if one injures another person you will want an expensive liar of a lawyer.
  • I would like to know what Samsung did between the first and second recall to address the battery issue. It seems like maybe they just ignored it.
  • I'm more saddened by the sheer ignorance and lack of intelligence from people defending why they are keeping a recalled product...a dangerous product.... I guess it's gonna take someone being killed behind this....I gladly returned my 7 and went back to my 5 and actually it's been a better experience and 64gb is plenty of storage...I think people just want micro SD and removable battery so when they get it they act like it's white jezzus lol...I had removable battery on my 4 and after a while they would leak it seemed like causing 'water ' damage. I also thought I needed massive storage space...I had a 128gb 6p I sold for a 64gb model....just realized I didn't need it. My issue with how they do storage is the pricing but I digress, it is my hope all the people refusing to return , I wish that your device explodes and causes irreversible damage to your life. This of course before samsung sends out the mandated kill switch from the commission and the carriers block ALL imei note 7s lol hahaha idiots. If only I could be so fortunate to hear about the rogue devices causing death to those who refused to return. With intelligence like this in the divided states of America no wonder we have hilary and trump as your two prime candidates....what a joke
  • I agree. I am also amazed at the sheer number of people who are nit picking on the numbers.,still trying to defend the damn thing in some way,just to rationalize keeping it. Talk about a bunch of knuckleheads... Forest Gump was right... "Stupid is as stupid does"
  • Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know when it might explode....
  • 100/2500000.
  • Agreed. There is a very large number of mentally impaired Note7 owners.
  • Oh yes please tell us about how great your country is!
  • USA!!! Best damn country in the world!!!
  • Galaxy phones are great, but you know what I never really understood about them? Why are the back button and recent apps button each on the wrong side???
  • Turn it upside down. Now it's in the right order.
  • You are holding it wrong - Steve Jobs
  • "Deshi Basara" "Deshi Basara" "Deshi Deshi" "Basara Basara" "Deshi Deshi" "Basara Basara"
    Soon Samsung will ‘Rise up" again lol ;)
  • you mean "blow up again" ??
  • The CPSC statement only says that there have been 23 new reports since the first recall started, on Sep 15. That says nothing about the number of reports which involved replacement units, which were not even available until Sep 21. All told, only 60% of original Note 7's were even exchanged. Many (most?) of those 23 reports involved the original Note 7.
  • I cannot wait to hear what the reason for this fiasco turns out to be.
  • We will never hear anything else. These phones will get buried in the desert next to copies of the ET game, the GM EV-1, and Jimmy Hoffa.
  • That's gonna be one hell of a tourist attraction....
  • I would still like to know exactly what went wrong with the Note 7. All modern phones use LI-ION batteries (some LI-PO). As they squeeze more power into them and make them thinner, they are more prone to problems. But I don't understand why the batteries in the Note 7 should be any worse than other phones. I would really like to know specifically what Samsung did wrong. Did they not use the proper protection circuitry for heat and over charging? Is it just battery manufacturing problems? Why problems with the Note 7 but not the other models? If anyone ever the gets the answer (Samsung isn't saying) I would like to know.
  • I talked to a couple of engineers about it recently. They are convinced that the problem lies on the motherboard, not the batteries. They feel that with all the features Samsung was trying to add (like the retina scanner etc). The motherboard couldn't handle it. Of course they said that they weren't certain, but that was their suspicion. Kind of an interesting theory. I hope we find out some day, and other manufacturers can learn a lesson from this debacle.
  • I guess I'm getting an S7 Edge. I was extremely happy with my Note 7 in terms of performance and features, and I'm really sad to lose the s-pen. Unfortunately for me, I have no backup phone as I gave my Note 4 to a family member. I'm hoping an S7 Edge won't feel like too much of a difference, and maybe will get some software updates to compensate for the Note 7 failure. I've never owned an Apple device and this made me debate the iPhone 7+. That's not good for Samsung! Ultimately, I'm not going to switch temporarily and have to buy all the accessories for Apple. Plus, there's a reason I've always bought Android. I'm not big on the cookie cutter Apple experience. I'll get the S7 Edge and try to avoid the S8 (I'd have to pay off half the S7E in a few months which is poor financial choice) in hopes that a Note 8 (or however they brand the phablet with s-pen) is a worthy replacement. We'll see... Now to choose a color for my S7 Edge. :) Pink Gold would stand out in a sea of black here in my office, but may Titanium Silver would give a nicer look with varied backgrounds/images and cases. Hmm. (First world problems, 100%.)
  • Where does it state that the CPSC has recalled anything either time? The article is titled "Samsung Expands Recall..." Samsung did the recall, not the CPSC. The CPSC hasn't concluded its investigation into the matter! Propaganda, misdirection and misinformation is everywhere, and they're all linking to each other.
  • I for one am keeping my Note 7 until Samsung does more to make us "whole" in legal terms. I've spent $250 in accessories from 3rd party sources who won't take them back, and I need to be fairly compensated for my time and inconvenience dealing with this whole mess. Not to mention, now I have to give up my S-pen for the foreseeable future, and be forced to downgrade to a lesser device. Not to mention that those of us who didn't have $850 + tax to plunk down on the device are on installment plans which now, since we are being strong-armed by our carriers to take the S7 will be locked down with that subpar device for TWO YEARS, so if/when a Note 8 comes out, we'll be trapped in a contract. In all likelihood we'll be trapped until a Note 9 at the earliest and that's BS. Samsung needs to step up their compensation deal with us, their loyal consumers. I'll settle for an S7 as a short term solution, but they should allow us to swap it immediately for a Note 8 at NO CHARGE when available. And the previous Note 7 owners should have first Crack at the Note 8's. I'll be out hundreds of dollars if forced I to another phone so that's the only reason I'm keeping it, and *if* mine explodes, I'm sure a crafty lawyer will be able to successfully argue to a judge that negligence on their part and a systematic and grossly inadequate replacement policy does not negate my rights to restitution based on a mandatory, financially lopsided recall policy.
  • How come after Recall of Note 7
    while 1 million still out there being used :) Read this Article -