We don't know how many times we've searched far and wide for the TV remote and wish that we could just use our Droid as a remote control. We're talking about hundreds of times here. Luckily, Verizon is looking to save the day and eliminate that scenario forever. Verizon just announced the FiOS Mobile Remote App for the Motorola Droid which will allow you to control your Verizon FiOS TV just like the standard remote control. We have one word: Reallyfreakingawesome.

Starting this week, the FiOS Mobile Remote App will be available for the Motorola Droid (and HTC Imagio) and works anywhere in your home via your Wi-Fi network. The Remote App will give the same functions as the standard FiOS remote: change channels, pause, rewind, fast forward, and record. And also adds the ability to transfer photos from your Droid to the TV. It'll even mute your TV when you get a phone call!

We're DirecTV subscribers ourselves (for the sports) but we've been tempted to switch over to Verizon FiOS TV before. This might push us over the edge. Though only currently available for the Droid and Imagio, Verizon is looking to add more devices in the future.

Any Verizon FiOS & Motorola Droid users insanely excited? Tell us how it works!

Hit the jump to see a video of Verizon FiOS Mobile Remote App!