Moto Maker

If you've been wanting to buy an AT&T branded Moto X without signing a new contract, and still use the Moto Maker customization site, today is the day. Motorola has just announced that the Moto Maker site will now let you pay the full $579.99 (16GB version) or $629.99 (32GB version) for your customized device and keep your contract status as-is. The option for AT&T's Next program doesn't seem to be available online yet, so if that's how you want to roll you'll still have to visit a store.

While the Moto X should be landing on Verizon come August 29, and Motorola has said a developer edition is coming soon, for now Moto Maker is still an AT&T exclusive. Motorola says that other carriers and wider availability of the Moto Maker program is coming soon, but we've not yet been told any dates.

We've been liking what we see from the Moto X so far, and once it becomes more available it should become a pretty popular Android device. For now, AT&T customers get all the fun. For more information, follow the link below.

Source: Motorola