YouMail not too long ago sent out a rather awesome update to their visual voicemail application, making it more social. YouMail now allows users to easily share voicemail not only through e-mail or text messages, but also by posting them directly to Facebook and Twitter. Great for those times when you getting those funny voicemail messages or just have one that you want to hang onto forever. Some other new features were added as well, full breakdown is below:

  • Simple Sharing - With just a couple of clicks, users can now easily post voicemail on their Facebook wall, and tweet voicemails using existing Android twitter clients, like HTC’s Peep.
  • Smart Reply - YouMail automatically maps incoming phone numbers to e-mail addresses, so users can easily reply to an incoming voicemail with an e-mail or text message, either directly through the YouMail client itself, or through other messaging clients like Gmail – with the reply automatically including a link to the original voicemail to provide context.
  • Expanded Caller ID - Whenever a caller leaves a message, YouMail now pulls and displays incoming caller photos from the phone’s address book and the user’s Facebook account – giving users truly visual voicemail. YouMail also provides the caller’s city and state, in addition to their phone number and name.

Conventional, carrier offered voicemail is rather limited when you compare it to YouMail, add on the transcription service and you've got a pretty sweet system for controlling your voicemail. You can hit the download after the break to try out YouMail or you can check out the Android Contest Forums for your chance to win 1 - of 6 premium subscriptions YouMail so kindly provided us.