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5 years ago

Samsung India starts offering the 32GB Galaxy S3


We know how much you kids crave storage, and so for prospective Galaxy S3 buyers in India we bring good news. Until now, only the 16GB variant of the latest Samsung flagship have been available in the country. But, Samsung India is changing all that with the release of the 32GB version.

In stock now over on Samsung India's website, the 32GB Galaxy S3 is available in both the Metallic Blue and Ceramic White colors. Pricing is set at Rs.41500 (£476/$747) which is on the hefty side, but then we are talking a premium device and more available storage, and isn't a massive amount more than the 16GB S3.

Source: Samsung India via Sammyhub

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5 years ago

T-Mobile 'retires' the Sidekick, don't confuse it with a discontinuation though


For years, T-Mobile had great success with the Sidekick line of devices. That is before the smartphone market really blew up. Their most recent effort with the line can't be called a success, despite the fact they teamed up with Samsung to create the Android 2.2 powered Sidekick 4G with all sorts of (at the time) updated customizations.

Perhaps that's the reason T-Mobile is sending the brand into retirement as confirmed to Phonescoop. Yep, it'll be a while before we see another Sidekick branded device come onto the market. However; T-Mobile was quick to point out they're not discontinuing the line. Instead, just giving it a little rest and relaxation. Go on; pretend to be surprised in the comments.

Source: Phonescoop

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5 years ago

Gmail video chat being upgraded to Google+ Hangouts


If we were ever in doubt that Google+ is becoming more of a focus for Google, today's Gmail announcement just reinforces it a little bit more. The video chat feature in Gmail is being replaced as of this morning. Taking its place, Google+ Hangouts. 

It isn't that surprising to see this integration eventually come around, but it is still a welcome upgrade. Google+ Hangouts is already a pretty powerful video conferencing tool, and without having to be in Google+ to use it just makes it that bit more useful day-to-day. It also means that you're able to reach your contacts for video chatting on their mobile devices too. 

The beauty is, every Gmail user will benefit from this upgrade, they don't have to be using Google+. But, if you're a user of both, then you can enjoy the full Hangouts experience such as watching YouTube videos together, collaborating on documents, or perhaps more importantly, dressing as a pirate. 

Source: Gmail Blog

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5 years ago

Fake Infinity Blade II Android port weasels into Google Play


Some wily con artist thought it would be a good idea to snag the branding and assets of Infinity Blade II and post it as their own on Google Play. Except instead of actually including the game in the download, they try to get hopeful players to collect a bunch of points through ad clicks on the TapJoy network before delivering an asset pack that amounts to about 1 GB of nothing. The Google Play listing is convincing enough to the casual observer: description verbiage pulled right from the iOS App Store, "2011 Chair Entertainment Group LLC" as the developer name, the familiar icon, and even a few fake positive reviews to round things out. 

The fact that TapJoy partners with such shady outfits is one thing, but scams like this should never get into Google Play. Not only does it cause a ton of disappointment in Android users, but do you think Chair and EA are remotely interested in making an official port after stuff like this? Smaller apps getting duped in schemes like this is unfortunate, but expected; how can a big developer and recognizable title like Infinity Blade II make it this far? Does Google Play need to be better curated?

Source: Pocket Gamer

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5 years ago

Skobbler brings ForeverMap 2 mapping solution to the Nook Tablet, Color


The Barnes and Noble line consisting of the Nook Tablet and Nook Color aren't exactly known for their available mapping solutions. That's because they lack the GPS hardware needed in order to function correctly but that doesn't mean there isn't any way around that. Skobbler knows that and as such, they've gone ahead and launched ForeverMap 2 for the devices.

Using WiFi positioning, ForeverMap 2 will bring access to global and local digital maps, that will assist with local search, address search and category search. You'll find no turn-by-turn here but the app is free to try out, should you decide you like it, a premium version is available for $5 that opens it up for unlimited access to downloadable maps for offline use. Need to know more? The press release is below along with the download link.

Download: B&N

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5 years ago

T-Mobile Galaxy Note review


The timing for the Samsung Galaxy Note on T-Mobile may seem a little odd, but that doesn't necessarily detract from the oversized Android smartphone.

Reviewing a phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note for the third time is a difficult task. All the good points have been pointed out, and the not-so-good points have been argued to death, and no matter what you think, you know something bigger, stronger, and faster is coming shortly. OK, maybe not bigger in this case, but the fact remains that no matter what we think of it, the next new shiny is right around the corner. Welcome to the world of Android, and an AC editor's nightmare.

The Galaxy Note is a little easier though. It's simply not the average Android smartphone. The size (what a big, gorgeous display), seems to polarize users, with some thinking it's ridiculous, and others ready to throw money until one is in their hands. This not only gives bloggers something to talk about, but a unique experience that's refreshing to review -- even almost a year after it was first introduced. 

What do I, an admitted fan of smaller phones, think of the T-Mobile Galaxy Note? Read on.

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5 years ago

T-Mobile Galaxy Note price and availability: $249 on Aug. 8


Yeah, we know that T-Mobile's take on the Samsung Galaxy Note is already officially official, but now its really super-duper official, and we've got all the gritty details. The magenta network is launching the Note on Aug. 8 for $249.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate (c'mon, stop it with those) and an industry-standard two-year contract. If you elect to go with one of T-Mobile's Value Plans, it'll cost you $199.99 up-front, and $20 installments thereafter until the handset is paid off.

As far as specs, it's pretty much the same Note we've seen before, with a gigantic 5.3-inch 800x1280 screen, dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and the addition of a 42mbps HSPA+ radio for T-Mobile's "4G" network.

Interested in knowing every bit of information possible about the Note? Of course you are. Be sure to read our full review, and check the official press release after the break.

Source: T-Mobile Newsroom

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5 years ago

Samsung EHS60 Stereo headset review


Sometimes, you don’t need anything “fancy” you just need a headset that gives you a bump in quality from the crappy ones that tend to get bundled with phones these days. 


Your New HTC One X or Evo 4G or Galaxy S III is capable of producing very nice music – you should have a “decent” set of headphones to bring that out. See if the Samsung EHS60 fits the bill.

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5 years ago

16GB Google Nexus 7 now listed as 'in stock' on Google Play


When it comes to the Google Nexus 7, availability on the Google Play Store has been flipped off and on more than a light switch. Google has been working on that though and now, residents in the U.S., Canada and the UK are seeing the 16GB version as in stock. There's no telling how long it will stay like that so, if you're looking to get one in the next 3-5 days you'll want to hit the link below and place your order. Still on the fence about it all? Check out our full review to help you decide.

Source: Google Play Store

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5 years ago

Forever Drive brings unending user-generated racing tracks to Android


Forever Drive, one of my favorite racing games on iOS, made the jump to Android this weekend. From a top-down perspective, players tilt or tap their way through an endless series of user-created courses for as long as they can before time runs out. Players earn experience points, level up, and get access to new cars and license plates. The real selling point are the smooth, stark, pseudo-Tron graphics that set a truly unique atmosphere. Here's a quick feature run-down.

  • In-Game Track Editor: extremely easy-to-use editor to make beautiful, winding city tracks with just a few touches!
  • Weekly challenge mode: race against the world and competitors’ ghost cars on specially created tracks
  • Regional Leaderboards: see how you stack up against other players around you and compete against them
  • 4 different control types: arcade, tilt, digital pro, analog pro
  • Unlock new cars, paintwork, buildings and license plates!
  • Race against the clock to accumulate XP for LEVELING UP, and access to brand new content.
  • Custom 3D engine rendering

The game is free with optional in-app purchases, which I found were generally done in a classy way. Give it a shot and lets us know about any device compatibility issues. 

Download: Forever Drive (Free, IAPs)

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5 years ago

LG Canada Twitter account says no Android 4.0 ICS for the Optimus 2X


The ongoing saga of "Will my Optimus 2X get Android 4.0?" takes another twist courtesy of LG Canada. Previously, LG Singapore had said via their Facebook page the update was coming in Q3 but now, LG Canada has taken to Twitter to say that's not the case at all and that it was a mistake based on a general statement from HQ. We're not entirely too sure what that means unless it's code for stuff we just say to calm people down and can then later retract. In any case, we've reached out to LG to hopefully get a better response on the matter because social media accounts aren't always the final word.

Source: LG Canada via: IntoMobile

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5 years ago

Samsung/Apple trial by jury begins today, don't expect a clear outcome anytime soon


Following months of legal wrangling, injunctions and appeals, Samsung and Apple will face off in a federal court in San Jose today. The two companies accuse each other of patent and design infringement, with Apple seeking more than $2.5bn in damages, and Samsung looking to claim royalties for five of its own patents.

The narrative is all too familiar -- Apple accuses Samsung of being a "copycat" and imitating its products and inventions rather than coming up with its own stuff. Samsung counters that Apple's claims are overly broad, and that its actions are anti-competitive and monopolistic.

Apple will argue that Samsung has copied its patented designs, and that Samsung's products, in both hardware and software, are "confusingly similar" to the iPhone and iPad. It's a tactic which has been met with some success, notably in the German courts, over the past year. However, it's backfired in the UK, where a High Court judge recently ruled that Samsung did not copy Apple's iPad designs, and ordered Apple to take out ads to this effect.

So we're in for yet more claims and counterclaims, with the certainty of appeals to follow whatever verdicts the court reaches. So strap yourself in, and prepare for endless back and forth lawyerin' over the coming weeks. As our own Jerry Hildenbrand noted in his recent editorial, this is just the way things have to be in the mobile tech world in 2012. Let's just hope that whatever the decision, it doesn't impact consumers' freedom to choose the phone they want.

via: BBC News

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5 years ago

Monday Brief: NFC hacking on Android, Guide to Siri, Windows 8 SDK preview and more!

5 years ago

Sony's tiny Xperia Tipo headed to O2 and Orange in the UK


Sony's latest entry-level smartphone, the Xperia Tipo, is set to launch on O2 and Orange in the UK from next month. Announced in mid-June, the pint-size handset comes loaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as well as Sony's UXP NXT software. That makes the Xperia Tipo the first entry-level Sony handset to ship with ICS.

Hardware-wise, the Xperia Tipo provides enough horsepower for a basic Android smartphone experience -- a 3.2-inch screen, an 800MHz CPU, a 3.2MP rear camera and 1500mAh battery, which Sony says can deliver more than 24 hours of usage. Internal storage is split between 768MB for apps and 2.5GB for media, and that's expandable via a microSD card slot. That's all wrapped up in a neatly-designed package reminiscent of last year's Xperia Active.

An O2 "coming soon" page indicates that the Xperia Tipo will be arriving sometime in August. There's no word on pricing yet, but we'd expect the phone to sell for around £100 on Pay As You Go, or to be given away for free with 24 month contracts. 

Source: O2, Orange

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5 years ago

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity getting update with stability and performance improvements


ASUS' new flagship tablet, the Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700), is receiving another over-the-air update, according to reports from the Android Central forums. It looks like latest update to version is pushing out to the U.S. and worldwide models, with compatibility fixes for some SD cards, along with general performance and stability improvements. In particular, several Transformer Pad Infinity owners on the forums are reporting that the tablet seems more responsive to touch on the latest software version.

To check whether your tablet is ready to be updated, head to Settings > About tablet > Software updates, and hit the button. Not all users are seeing the update to just yet, so you'll have to keep checking over the next few days if your update isn't pushing out just yet. Still undecided on the Transformer Pad Infinity? Check out our full review.

Source: Android Central forums

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